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AM LLC helps our partners meet the daunting challenges of protecting their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main services have been developed and aligned to serve the immediate needs of our local public health partners:

  • Vaccine Management and Distribution
  • Vaccine Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Management
  • Testing Coordination
  • Case Investigation and Contact Tracing

AM’s approach to COVID-19 control is grounded in evidence-based practices. Our operations are uniquely modeled after the lessons learned from current COVID-19 projects, and utilize the experience of our diverse public health Subject Matter Experts. AM’s team includes Epidemiologists and Registered Nurses who were among the earliest front-liners responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What sets AM apart is a system of COVID-19 services that seamlessly incorporates public health staffing, project management, technology, data privacy, and data reporting and analysis into an integrated solution tailored to each client’s situation – without compromising best practices.

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A recent public health study sheds light on the impact of race, ethnicity, and geography as they relate to vaccination rates: http://ow.ly/i2io50KPF3w.
Learn more about AM's vaccine management and quality assurance services here: https://amllc.co/vaccine-management/

While the state of the pandemic has improved significantly, around 400 people continue to die each day from COVID-19 in the US, according to data from the @CDCgov http://ow.ly/Uy5E50KOwos

While efforts to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent report shows the number of people reached with treatment and prevention services has rebounded, although not still on track."

"On polio, we simply cannot roll the dice," Health Commissioner Dr Mary Bassett has said, as New York declares state of emergency over the current outbreak.
#polio #emergency #newyork #vaccineswork

The White House has recently announced Covid-19 vaccine boosters will likely become annual shots.
#covid19 #covid-19 #vaccines #vaccineswork

"Awareness is more important than anxiety": With over 460,000 monkeypox vaccines administered around the country, White House health official Demetre Daskalakis reported on Wednesday the current outbreak is significantly slowing.

Today, we celebrate our teams' achievements and look forward to continuing impacting your communities with innovative solutions. Here's a snapshot of the reason Labor Day is observed in the US every year since 1894: http://ow.ly/eZP350Kx9JW.
https://amllc.co/. #laborday

As many as 4 million Americans who struggle with daily debilitating symptoms such as 'fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and difficulty concentrating', remain unemployed as a result of long Covid. http://ow.ly/W2oi50Kx8Xq
#longcovid #unemployment

The current youth mental health crisis has exacerbated over the past couple years, with CDC reporting about 44% of high school students feel persistently sad and hopeless, and a 31% increase in ER visits after suicide attempts. http://ow.ly/ZeIg50Kx8vk

Enhanced cybersecurity measures are critical to all public health sector infrastructures, as black hat hackers are increasingly targeting these systems. http://ow.ly/8RcZ50KsytF. Learn more about AM LLC's Health IT services: https://amllc.co/health-information-technology/

CDC reports around 93% of U.S. kindergartners had received four doses of the polio vaccine by the 2020-21 school year, yet in some NYC neighborhoods less than 60% of kids are vaccinated against the disease.http://ow.ly/nwIZ50KrwpO. https://amllc.co/community-health-solution/

Protecting young children and immunosuppressed individuals is an increasing concern around the current monkeypox outbreak. http://ow.ly/x1mM50Krvtc. AMLLC stands at the forefront of mitigation efforts in public schools. Learn more: https://amllc.co/k-12-health-solution/.

Lower health insurance costs and improved infrastructures in rural areas are among the demands of voting Americans ahead of this year's midterm elections. http://ow.ly/lvBL50Kog1r http://ow.ly/PT6l50Kog1s. Learn more about AMLLC's rural areas services at https://amllc.co/community-health-solution/

With U.S. monkeypox cases doubling at a striking speed and limited vaccine availability, protesters across the country call for a proactive government response to mitigate the outbreak. http://ow.ly/n3vE50Kmn64

At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, the @CDCgov has loosened coronavirus recommendations, placing greater responsibility on individuals to contain the spread of the virus. http://ow.ly/PMSg50KmfKF
Learn more about AM LLC support to K-12 schools at http://ow.ly/xn7A50KmfKw.

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Where is AM LLC headquarters?

AM LLC headquarters is located at Leesburg, Virginia.

When was AM LLC founded?

AM LLC was founded in 2012.

How many employees does AM LLC have?

AM LLC has 50+ employees.

What is AM LLC's core business?

AM LLC is Information Technology & Services company.

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