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AppLovin’s leading marketing platform provides developers with a powerful set of solutions to grow their mobile apps. AppLovin’s technology enables developers to market, monetize, analyze, and publish their apps. The company’s first-party content includes more than 350+ popular, engaging apps and its technology brings that content to millions of users around the world. AppLovin is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with several offices globally.

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With AppDiscovery, @Yemeksepeti was able to:
🥇Reach a high volume of new users and maintain their status as Turkey's #1 Free iOS App!
🎯 Optimize UA for their most valuable down-funnel event, first-time orders.

Full story: https://hubs.la/Q01Jh3wg0

#UA #DeliveryApps

Our clients are smashing it on the iOS Idle Games Chart. 🚀
Discover why MAX is the leading growth solution for the world's top app publishers. https://hubs.la/Q01HZntL0

#PoweredByMAX #MobileApps #AppDev

Boost your app growth with organic UA alongside your paid strategy.
Get the tips here 👉 https://hubs.la/Q01Hvh3y0.

#UA #MobileApps #AppGrowth #OrganicUA

For our #WomensHistoryMonth celebration this week, we asked some women across our organization what they wish they'd known before getting into #adtech. Swipe to see what they said, and get some important advice if you want to take the leap.


AppLovin will be at @wnconf CEO Summit - the exclusive event for game industry executives.
📍London | 28 March 2023
📱Want to connect? Register now and meet Georgy Kleyner, Director, Business Development, AppLovin. https://hubs.la/Q01HFCnq0

Whatever your vertical focus, you can successfully scale your app with the help of the right ad partner. 🚀

Andrey Kazakov, our VP of Demand, shares strategies for growing non-gaming apps in this @NewDigitalAge1 article: https://newdigitalage.co/mobile/a-winning-approach-for-non-gaming-app-growth/

#MobileApps #AppGrowth

📣 🚨 Our team will be at the Game Developers Conference starting today and would love to chat. If you're there, hit them up! 👇
#GDC #GDC2023

Incredible success story from our partner, @CenturyGames, on scaling UA for their game Frozen City.
Two months after the game's global launch, they've hit $5 million in revenue!
Check out @matejlancaric's case study here: https://lancaric.me/post-idfa-ua-frozen-city-global-launch-case-study/

#UA #MobileApp #MobileGame

GDC will be incredible; we can’t wait to see you both on AND off the conference floor! 🤔

Try your hands on an exclusive evening of networking and entertainment at https://underapps.splashthat.com/.

#GDC2023 #MobileApps #AppDevs

Mobile games aren't the only apps finding success with us.

Here's a closer look at how IdeaSolutions, @DailyYogaApp, and @Audiomack revved growth with our acquisition solutions. https://www.applovin.com/blog/3-more-mobile-monetization-strategy-success-stories/.

#AppDevelopers #MobileApps #UA #AppGrowth

This week, we're celebrating accomplishments! We asked three women across all our teams what theirs are so far.
From building product teams, to learning new skills - swipe to read their stories. 👉🏻


Are you considering running ads on CTV devices?
Our CMO, Katie Jansen [@katiekjansen], and other industry leaders share tips to keep in mind to achieve strong ROI in Forbes' latest roundup: https://lnkd.in/gA7EJMtD

#CTVAdvertising #CTV

🤔 Guess the top 3 creative add-ons in mobile game ads below.👇🏻
Check out our SparkLabs Creative Trends Report for more add-ons that can incentivize users to interact with your creative. https://hubs.la/Q01GGXMz0

#CreativeTrends #MobileGames #AppDev

We're looking forward to seeing you at GDC and perhaps something a little more VIP? 🧐
🤞 Try your hand at an exclusive soiree you won't forget. https://underapps.splashthat.com/

cc: @adjustcom + @liftoffmobile

#GDC2023 #MobileApps #AppDev

Wonder how puzzle games make money? MAX, that's how. 💰
Congratulations to all our clients on hitting the top 10 on the Android puzzle games chart! https://hubs.ly/Q01G4F720

#PoweredByMAX #MobileApps #AppDev

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Where is AppLovin headquarters?

AppLovin headquarters is located at Palo Alto, California.

When was AppLovin founded?

AppLovin was founded in 2012.

How many employees does AppLovin have?

AppLovin has 50+ employees.

What is AppLovin's core business?

AppLovin is Computer Software company.

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