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Assurance IQ is a technical company headquartered in Seattle. We were acquired by Prudential (NYSE: PRU) to further the joint mission of improving financial wellness across the world. We are rapidly growing, as we pursue that mission to protect and improve the personal and financial health of the millions of consumers we interact with.

Our team of world class software engineers, data scientists, and business professionals work every day to expand our product offerings and the reach of our platform. We simplify the complex world of insurance and financial services into straightforward, valuable solutions to improve people’s lives.

We start by asking customers a few questions, so our system can learn about their needs; from there, our ground-breaking, proprietary platform takes over and analyzes the thousands of data points that make customers unique. This is how we create custom-tailored plans for each customer; plans built precisely for their needs and budget. Our platform serves as the intersection between customer and seller, technology, and the human touch.

At Assurance, we are innovative, persevering, collaborative, calculated, and authentic, and we’re working together to improve the lives of millions!

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  • Jessica Coffey 3 Jan 2023 at 21:50 Reply
    Work-Life Balance
    Pay & Benefits

    This company is awful!!! Me and my husband worked here for almost two years, I quit because of how disorganized, micromanaging and discouraging they had become they are scammers and BULLIES who use scare tactics and unobtainable numbers to keep you on your toes and constantly in fear of being fired. they have hands down been the most awful company I have been with. They changed the way numbers are calculated a few months ago and my husband (who had a 38-46% transfer rate the ENTIRE time he has worked there, and won numerous transfer and policy competitions because of how good his numbers used to be before they changed everything. All of us were constantly scared for our jobs after the change (when I left 70% of my team members had lower numbers then required after I asked around HOW is that an “obtainable” number when most of your team are not meeting the new KPI?).. he caught them miscalculating his numbers several times to the point where it was a whole few % off and he would get in trouble constantly for his numbers even though they failed to calculate it correctly. They fired him today a week after Christmas.. ontop of taking away flex-ability like they claim they have! And putting up a blackout period.. they claim to be military family friendly but they won’t let you go home and see your families during the holidays!

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Where is Assurance IQ headquarters?

Assurance IQ headquarters is located at Seattle, WA.

When was Assurance IQ founded?

Assurance IQ was founded in 2016.

How many employees does Assurance IQ have?

Assurance IQ has 50+ employees.

What is Assurance IQ's core business?

Assurance IQ is Information Technology & Services company.

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