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Athena empowers the fiercely ambitious to reach their next 10x. We hire and train exceptional Philippines-based Executive Assistants. Athena Executive Assistants are matched 1:1 with industry leaders, startup founders, and driven up-and-comers. These partnerships are powered by 10x delegation training. The result is 10x more leverage, more time, more impact on the world.

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Tired of the same old work #playlist? Break out of your musical rut and find tunes that aid your workflow in our new, snackable playbook, as part of our library on delegation. It's totally free, and available (along with much more!) now: http://bit.ly/3FsyW7l

Between looking for hotels or planning the perfect client dinner, travelling for work can be overwhelming. Learn how to master #BusinessTrip prep with ease, using the art of #Delegation—and make any trip feel like a vacation: http://bit.ly/3Yy3hYy

Ever wish you could remember EVERY important date or milestone, regardless of your workday? We can help.

Learn how the art of #Delegation can do this (and much more!) in our new playbook, via our library on delegation. It's free and available now: http://bit.ly/3Z7FS1v

Whether it's combing job sites, annoying your contacts, or coordinating interviews, #hiring is an exhausting process—but it doesn't have to be.

Learn how the art of #Delegation can staff you at record speed (while maintaining your sanity) for FREE: http://bit.ly/41dxE9l

If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.
– John C. Maxwell, American author

My assistant from @athenago is probably my highest ROI monthly expense. Learning how to delegate will not only make your partnership with your assistant better, it will make *all* of your relationships better! https://twitter.com/swaaanson/status/1625884643584008194

1/ People often ask me:

"How can I best leverage an assistant?" 😬


"What are all the things I should be delegating?" 😅

Delegation is the key to unlocking personal and professional growth, but the art is vastly misunderstood.

@AthenaGo exists to change this. 💪

Want to transform your life through delegation but need inspiration to get started? Explore our new Athena Playbook Library with 40 unique playbooks to help you become a better delegator and save time with the help of your Executive Assistant.

🚀 https://playbooks.athenago.com

Got inbox anxiety? Learn how to sort, filter, and respond—without ever writing an email. Our new playbook guides you through this and more, by teaching you the art of #delegation.

Full library available FREE, now: https://bit.ly/3XvTF02

Ready to hear another "Okay, boomer!" response? Then DON'T follow these tips from our CMO @petersloterdyk https://www.fastcompany.com/90774322/are-you-truly-ready-to-hire-the-best-of-gen-z

Companies talk about how culture helps them succeed and attract the right talent but is it all it's cracked up to be? Athena's CEO @rhayez sheds light on some misconceptions about culture


We all want high-performers in our team, but how often do we think about the leadership they need in return? Our CMO @petersloterdyk shares his thoughts on getting high-performers to succeed even more https://www.fastcompany.com/90807066/how-to-effectively-lead-a-team-of-high-performers

One thing we have in common at Athena is that we value time.

Read the full article here 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/3RBzgoK


1/ Scaling a team from 10 to 100 is one of the hardest transitions for founders

Here's how to scale fast, effectively, and with less drama:


And for the lazy web, some highlights:

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Where is Athena headquarters?

Athena headquarters is located at San Juan.

When was Athena founded?

Athena was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Athena have?

Athena has 50+ employees.

What is Athena's core business?

Athena is Information Technology & Services company.

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