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Atomic is a venture fund that founds companies. Founded in 2012, we believe that disruptive innovation is most successfully achieved by pairing innovative ideas with business discipline, and that building those ideas into businesses is not something that can be outsourced. We are engineers and entrepreneurs who build and operate the next generation of great companies.

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Exclusive: Tax savings fintech Playbook raises $7M https://www.axios.com/pro/fintech-deals/2023/03/29/exclusive-tax-savings-fintech-playbook-raises-7m

+ Atomic. Thanks for adding us @htaneja @generalcatalyst

I'm hosting a Generative AI #techtalk at @JoinAtomic on Thursday March 2nd for engineers and technical PMs in San Francisco.

Know someone who'd be interested in this? Tag a friend!

Spaces limited, request an invite below 👇

Launch days are our favorite days. 👋🏼 @FollowInvestApp! We’ve been working on this one for a year+ with @ManningField (former Acorns COO) and the incredible founding crew there. Give it a try, or a Follow. https://techcrunch.com/2023/02/07/social-investing-follow-influencers-fintech/

Big day for @FollowInvestApp


"VC dollars in this ecosystem (greater @CityofMiami) are +80% YoY. The next best city is Austin. It's -25%, NY is -45%, SF is -49%. There is a huge flight of talent here, flight of capital" @jackabraham

@JoinAtomic @chest @FrancisSuarez @CNBCFastMoney


Is Miami the new Silicon Valley?

@JoinAtomic CEO @JackAbraham thinks so.

"It's actually much, much more diverse than I think a lot of people would realize from the outside..."

We’re extremely excited to announce our $22M Series A funding led by @NorwestVP and contributing from our existing partners @JoinAtomic, @transposevc, and @SpringtideCap

And thank you to Forbes and @kenrickcai for telling our story - https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrickcai/2023/01/11/butter-payments-raises-22-million-accidental-churn/!

Meet three of @JoinAtomic’s awesome founders @the_jconnolly @_VillaHomes_ @vijay_menon @ButterPayments Jeremy Wood @JoinOpenStore 👇🏻 #ForbesUnder30

Remote/hybrid teams are here to stay. And come with a lot of challenges, as we’ve all experienced firsthand. Our own @htcypher created @BoomPopHQ to help solve some of these problems by bringing together people (any co’s most important asset) through events powered by software.

Our own @chest shared in @eMergeAmericas: “we’re focused on opening up access to entrepreneurship… for founders of all backgrounds, and, ultimately we want to create the most impactful companies and solve as many problems as we can.” https://emergeamericas.com/discover/insights


1/ Next up on @JoinAtomic’s “Advice for Founders” Twitter Space: I’m chatting with @Ali_Moiz, founder & CEO of @Stonks_dot_com. 🚀🚀🚀

Had the honor of sharing the stage with @NikkiPechet @homeboundhomes and hearing her bold, inspiring vision of helping anyone, anywhere build a home.
“We are creating a next gen homebuilder that enables homeowners to build a home online as simply as they buy everything else…”

“In the past two years, Miami's burgeoning tech-startup scene has exploded. @BusinessInsider’s @aprjoy & @miyadavid asked VCs and other prominent tech figures which investors Miami-area founders should get to know.” Oh 👋🏼 @jackabraham & @chest

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Where is Atomic headquarters?

Atomic headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Atomic founded?

Atomic was founded in 2012.

How many employees does Atomic have?

Atomic has 50+ employees.

What is Atomic's core business?

Atomic is Venture Capital & Private Equity company.

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