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SureSwift creates dream exits for bootstrapped founders. We acquire SaaS businesses from independent founders and take them to the next stage of growth.

SureSwift’s uniquely entrepreneurial approach has helped the company acquire – and grow – 40 companies in 6 years.

We’re proud to be a people-first, remote company with team members around the world, and we’re growing quickly. Follow us here to learn about job openings, or visit sureswiftcapital.com/remote-careers.

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My kids are super young. They’re three, and then one is just about to be seven. But I do try to plant the seeds... I think that they should be entrepreneurs! And I’ll definitely keep talking to them about it as they get older.

Read more 👉 https://lttr.ai/xHxm

Laura Roeder is the Entrepreneur We All Want to Be: https://lttr.ai/xFta

#bootstrapping #saas #entrepreneurs #womenentrepreneurs #womeninbiz #SocialMediaMarketing

What do developers love about working with us? Working on a portfolio of products vs. just one means there's always something new.

Read the full article: Meet Our Team: Ricardo
▸ https://bit.ly/3npVJrH

#remoteteam #remotejobs #softwarejobs

Retrading. It’s not a term you hear often, but you should be v. familiar with it if you’re thinking of selling your SaaS (or any kind of biz).

It’s a topic we’ve been wanting to write about for awhile. Thanks to Elon Musk, we had the perfect excuse:

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How Elon Musk Is Giving SaaS Founders a Lesson on Retrading - SureSwift Capital, Inc.

Retrading is a common practice in SaaS business sales that Founders should be aware of before signing an LOI with any potential buyer.


Growing @TradervueApp to serve 100,000+ traders, Founder @gregr followed his intuition and then sold into the momentum.

Read more 👉 https://lttr.ai/wGUS

#BootstrappedFounders #saas

We couldn’t be happier to welcome @vitay_io to our portfolio & @PFarighi to our Alumni Founders club. 🥳

Vitay checked all of our boxes:
✔️ Amazing, bootstrapped Founder
✔️ Stellar team
✔️ Profitable + growing SaaS
✔️ Loved by customers

Read more:

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SureSwift Acquires Reference Automation SaaS Vitay - SureSwift Capital, Inc.

We’re thrilled to announce that SureSwift has acquired Vitay, a SaaS that automates the reference checking proce...


We hire software developers in every tech stack, product managers, marketers, customer happiness specialists, and more.

Learn what life is like as part of our remote, global team:

#remotework #ProductTeams

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Life at SureSwift - SureSwift Capital, Inc.

Thinking about joining our global, remote-first team? Here’s a peek at what it’s like to work with us from our values to our people.


Before you log off for the weekend (or if you’re looking for a job where you can log off for the weekend 👀) check out our posting for a Software Engineer – FT, experienced with JavaScript (React), and 100% remote. 👉

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Software Engineer - JavaScript (React) - SureSwift Capital - Career Page

Apply to SureSwift Capital's job opportunity for a full time remote Software Engineer - JavaScript (React)


What do we look for when we're hiring a new team member?

People who are cool, kind, and easy to work with. 😎

Our VP of Tech, Jim is all of those things. Get to know him better and find out what else it takes to be a software engineer at SureSwift.

▸ https://bit.ly/3mMG7g6

Ready to ditch your commute for good? 🚗 We’re looking for a Senior Staff Accountant to join our team! 3-4 years experience, full time, and always fully remote.


Starting in 15 min! You can still grab a seat for our webinar on SaaS valuations hosted by @chriswreedy with special guest @agazdecki of @microacquire there to talking about + answer your q's r.e. listing/selling on a marketplace.


We hire remote software engineers around the globe. Curious what the job is like? Hear firsthand from our Principal Software Engineer, Ricardo.

Read the full article - Meet Our Team: Ricardo
▸ https://bit.ly/3npVJrH

#remoteteam #remotejobs #softwarejobs

It’s HERE!

Listen to the 1st episode of our They Got Acquired podcast.

You’ll learn how Laura Roeder (@lkr) grew and sold a social media scheduling tool, Meet Edgar, to @SureSwiftCap:


How to evaluate a SaaS exit beyond the numbers

Read the full article: What founders need to know about SaaS exit strategy.
▸ https://lttr.ai/ekuR

#SaaS #ExitStrategy

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Where is SureSwift Capital headquarters?

SureSwift Capital headquarters is located at Edina, MN.

When was SureSwift Capital founded?

SureSwift Capital was founded in 2015.

How many employees does SureSwift Capital have?

SureSwift Capital has 50+ employees.

What is SureSwift Capital's core business?

SureSwift Capital is Venture Capital & Private Equity company.

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