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At Celtra, we believe scaling marketing creativity is transformative – for businesses, and for culture. So we’re transforming creative work – across people, data, and media. Today, Celtra makes enterprise software solutions that help businesses stay creative at scale. Our customers include organizations recognized as the most creative companies in the world, including adidas, NBCU, WarnerMedia, Unilever, Spotify, and Shopify.

Celtra is a remote-first company with more than 200 employees across the U.S., Europe, and APAC, with regional hubs in New York, Singapore, and Slovenia. For more information, visit celtra.com and follow @Celtra on Twitter.

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Tappable videos are taking over! This interactive video has pre-defined products that get captured with a tap...Speaking of, tap the link to find out what more Celtra Ad Suite has to offer! https://hubs.li/Q01Jdnnv0

Don't miss our live webinar featuring special guest Vincent Krsulich from Martini Media on April 5th, 2023. Resister here: https://hubs.li/Q01JGXjq0

Spotify is in good hands! With the help of our creative automation software and in-house creative team, Spotify executed 14,420 creative variations across multiple formats and channels, spread across 92 global regions. Watch our case study video to find out more!

We're back with a new edition of Class of 2023! This time, we present Borut Olenik who leads from the Data Insights team. As director, he guides the team towards providing high-quality data to the rest of the company. https://hubs.li/Q01Jdhjt0

Grow your business with insights firmly rooted in data. Our 4th edition of the Creative Insights Report powers success by providing valuable insights on best practices for display and rich media campaigns. Download it here: https://hubs.li/Q01Jb-pP0

By focusing on improving workflow efficiency, your company can improve its bottom line, stay competitive, and do even more for clients. Here are 6 ways you can tighten up your Creative Production Workflows using Celtra's Creative Automation solutions. https://hubs.li/Q01JbYzF0

How do you quantify and index inspiration? We caught up with the incredible Rodrigo Maroni, CSO at Wunderman Thompson NY, whose research on the connection between brand growth & inspiration is, well, inspirational. Listen here! https://hubs.li/Q01HXlfJ0

Join some of the world's biggest and brightest companies in using Celtra to master Creative Automation and power success! Visit our Solutions page to find out more, or book a demo to get started.https://hubs.li/Q01HN4l_0

Whatever your digital asset may be, Celtra Scaling Studio is the ultimate tool for scaling up your creatives to deliver thousands of variants in the fraction of the time! https://hubs.li/Q01HN4-x0

Introducing our self-serve solution for Dynamic Creative! Our specialized solution makes it easier than ever for media teams to activate brand-safe and approved assets across a spectrum of dynamic creative strategies, at scale. https://hubs.li/Q01G_vpT0

Read to find out the latest news on the rise DOOH and why Celtra is keeping its eyes and ears to the streets. Get Outside! DOOH Is On The Rise & Celtra Is Delighted https://hubs.li/Q01H0sH90

Unlock creative efficiencies and skyrocket your business with Celtra Scaling Studio! The ultimate tool for scaling up your creatives to deliver thousands of variants in a fraction of the time. Visit our Scaling Studio page to find out more. https://hubs.li/Q01GZ5Vx0

Discover the magical powers of personalization - the key to unlocking consumer hearts, minds... and wallets. Read our guide on how to nail personalization with a few shortcuts and hacks from Celtra. https://hubs.li/Q01GY_r50

Don't miss out on valuable opportunities to promote your brand across every touchpoint. Get the attention you need from consumers to drive your bottom line. Get higher ROAS with Celtra's Dynamic Product Ads. https://hubs.li/Q01Gyzpv0

The Celtra Library is a collection of pre-built premium units, designed to help you get ad executions up and running right away while meeting advertisers KPIs. Learn more about what you can do with Celtra Ad Suite here: https://hubs.li/Q01GytXn0

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Where is Celtra headquarters?

Celtra headquarters is located at Mansfield, Massachusetts.

When was Celtra founded?

Celtra was founded in 2006.

How many employees does Celtra have?

Celtra has 50+ employees.

What is Celtra's core business?

Celtra is Computer Software company.

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