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Cutover, the leader in work orchestration and observability, is the only platform that provides full organizational visibility into dynamic flows of work, bringing them out of the dark matter of the enterprise to enable teams to move quickly with confidence. Cutover eliminates outdated approaches like static-spreadsheets and weekend calls so teams can accomplish the work quickly and effectively—without the headache. Cutover’s solution helps enterprises more effectively plan, orchestrate and audit the human and automated activities that drive critical events, such as technology releases, resilience testing, operational readiness and major incident recovery.

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Last month we kicked off our first ever #resilience-focused London meetup event. We were joined by a number of resilience experts for some great talks and discussions. This post is a brief recap of what was discussed in that session. https://www.cutover.com/blog/building-community-resilience-london-tech-resilience-meetup

Operating on the #cloud doesn't mean automatic resilience. In fact, it can mean more complexity. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about how to handle the complexity and scale of cloud-native workloads. https://www.cutover.com/automating-cloud-disaster-recovery-live-webinar

What is the Digital Operational Resilience Act and what are the five key requirements it outlines for EU financial entities?

Integrating #Azure #DevOps with Cutover offers incredible flexibility and enables you to #automate more. Watch the video to see how the integration with Azure DevOps works and the benefits of the powerful Snippets feature. https://cutover.wistia.com/medias/o85gkdhgxa

Want to learn more about how to #automate your #cloud #disasterrecovery? Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to tackle the complexity and scale of cloud-native workloads, reduce errors and configuration drift, and create better IT #resilience plans. https://www.cutover.com/automating-cloud-disaster-recovery-live-webinar

We’re all set for the London #TechResilience meet up!

The London #Technology #Resilience meetup kicks off today at 6.30. Will we see you there?

There's still time to sign up to join the first #resilience-focused London meetup . Our panel of experts will discuss the overlap between #BCM, resilience, and #ITDR, how to manage regulatory scrutiny, and the importance of people and #tech for resilience.

Next week: Join the first #resilience-focused London #meetup to hear insights from a panel of resilience experts and meet other #resiliency practitioners in your industry.

Don't miss the insightful panel on day 2 of the #GMFI #OperationalResilience for Financial Institutions conference where our Senior Product Manager of #Resilience will discuss how regulations will impact your approach to technology resilience. https://www.marcusevans.com/conferences/opresilience/sponsor

Are you a #technology #resilience practitioner looking to join a resilience-focused community and network with your peers? Why not join us for the first ever London Technology Resilience #Meetup this month?

"For IT operations leaders, Cutover remains a vendor to watch. It delivers a highly differentiated value proposition around bridging the gaps between IT operations teams and #automation." https://www.hfsresearch.com/research/reduce-risk-and-build-cloud-native-program-resilience-with-collaborative-automation/

Have you realized there isn't really a place where #tech #resiliency practitioners, at any level, can go to #network? This is something we want to change in 2023.

Join your peers on 28th February for the first London Technology Resilience Meetup!

Research shows that many businesses still have immature #resilience strategies and are ill-prepared for a disaster as a result. Consider these 5 strategies to bolster the #resiliency of your IT infrastructure. https://hubs.ly/Q01B7x130

There are many steps to IT #disasterrecovery testing maturity. How far along is your organization on the maturity curve? https://hubs.ly/Q01zkM850

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Where is Cutover headquarters?

Cutover headquarters is located at 41 Luke Street, London.

When was Cutover founded?

Cutover was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Cutover have?

Cutover has 50+ employees.

What is Cutover's core business?

Cutover is Computer Software company.

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