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Degreed is the upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities. We integrate everything people use to learn and build their careers โ€” skill insights, LMSs, courses, videos, articles, and projects โ€” and match everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

In 2012, co-founders David Blake and Eric Sharp started Degreed with the mission to ‘Jailbreak the Degree.’ Inspired by JFK’s Rice University speech, they set out to take on a big, audacious goal โ€“ not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Since then, we’ve grown to millions of users worldwide who believe there is no single path to expertise.

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"It is crucial to upskill everyone to enable AI to be an effective co-worker," Fei Sha, Data Science & Machine Learning Director at Degreed wrote in @TheAIJournal1.

Explore the potential (and pitfalls) of using AI in L&D: https://bit.ly/42Qrv3C

Becoming a skills-based organization is the next big move for many L&D leaders, but moving away from traditional job roles will take time. Find out four ways to begin the shift today: https://bit.ly/3JDPeLO

L&D pros are agile and resourceful โ€” helpful traits to have when budgets shrink. Get a refresher on ways to do more with less from @Fosway's @fionaleteney as well as our own Annee Bayeux and Collin Poage in this Degreed Dialogue podcast: https://bit.ly/3JOosjN

Everyone seems to be talking about skills taxonomies, so what are they? How do you create one? And why? Get answers in one of our recent blog posts: https://hubs.ly/Q01FrP6v0

Learning leaders always advocate for L&D, but when budgets tighten it may seem easier to quiet down. That is, until you find out L&D might be the tool you need to improve business results.

Find out more in this @TrainingJournal article: https://bit.ly/40pspSA

Companies are coming face-to-face with tight budgets, so are L&D funds on the chopping block? Annee Bayeux wouldn't recommend it: "Cutting a learning budget in haste can lead to much more severe business damage over time."

Read her @TalentCulture article: https://bit.ly/3T0tvSw

How do you motivate your employees to learn? There are lots of ways to encourage organic learning, but get an inside look at some of our favorite ways to answer WIIFM? in our latest blog: https://bit.ly/3lyFoTu

Looking to avoid major L&D budget cuts? Show stakeholders how investing in learning now can lead to untold long-term success. Annee Bayeux and Collin Poage will help you get started in their upcoming @Exchange_HR webinar on March 23. Register today: https://bit.ly/3jOEX6v

This Neurodiversity Celebration Week, hear from our own Sarah Danzl as she talks to @Forbes about using her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as a superpower: https://bit.ly/3JM0UgM

Shifting from traditional job descriptions to skills-based roles wonโ€™t happen overnight, but itโ€™s worth the work. Michael Griffiths showed #DegreedLENS attendees the positive, proven results of evolving into a skills-based organization. #LENSights

A powerful panel of @cigna leaders discussed learning as a business-critical function and reminded fellow L&D pros that progress is more important than perfection โ€” especially when it comes to upskilling employees.

Lifelong learning meets data-driven development. That's the future of upskilling, and now it's the future of Degreed. With tech advancements rapidly outpacing the rate people can learn, David Blake explained how we're honing in on data as your key to success. #DegreedLENS

Curious about the L&D content that sold out in-person #DegreedLENS tickets? You can watch mainstage sessions virtually with our LENS Live: On Air ticket if you register today: https://hubs.ly/Q01tppbn0

Instead of hiring based on what applicants have already done, try to factor upskilling potential into the equation. Our own Annee Bayeux told @TIME that might be the only way to keep up. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3YDlrbx

In-person tickets for #DegreedLENS are officially SOLD OUT! ๐Ÿ’ฅ

You can still join us virtually via LENS Live: On Air. Livestream the world-class content that sold out our conference venue: https://hubs.ly/Q01tppbn0

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Where is Degreed headquarters?

Degreed headquarters is located at Pleasanton, California.

When was Degreed founded?

Degreed was founded in 2012.

How many employees does Degreed have?

Degreed has 50+ employees.

What is Degreed's core business?

Degreed is Information Technology & Services company.

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