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Hello, we’re Designit, a Wipro company. As a global design firm, we work with ambitious brands to design what matters.

Designit is home to 700+ designers, analysts, brainstormers, creators, doers, dreamers, explorers, geeks, leaders, learners, lovers, mamas, papas, renegades, strategists, marketers, tree-huggers, visionaries, question-askers with diverse expertise and perspectives working together to solve complex problems.

As an experience innovation company with creativity at our core, we work at the intersection of strategy, design, marketing, and technology. Through diverse lenses, humane technology, and purposeful risk, we’re driven by the belief that what matters tomorrow is designed today.

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How do you position yourself as a #digital-first, boundary-pushing #financial service while also establishing your credibility as a #bank? Learn about #PepperBank & how we helped them communicate their unique value proposition by evolving their #visualid: http://ow.ly/vUK250LLI4N

Did you know our #UX #Designers work holistically across all #digital solutions, apps, websites, complex #systems & entire digital ecosystems to create the right solution for your #business? Let’s create unique #experiences across all your touchpoints: http://ow.ly/vMgr50LKcNv

How can #design contribute to shaping the #future of the #healthcare #ecosystem? 🏥 Learn more about the 3 approaches we use that help our #people, places & #planet. ☝️ http://ow.ly/eRfW50LH8RW

Meet Enrique 👋 As a Lead Integrated #Marketing Manager, he designs, delivers & scales #innovative value propositions for #businesses who want to bring their relationships with their #audiences to the next level. Want to #work with Enrique? Let’s chat: http://ow.ly/iY7850LEYHl

From waiting for doctor's appointments to the way we shop at supermarkets, #Service #Design touches on all aspects of our lives. Our service #designers solve complex #issues & ensure a coherent #experience across all your touchpoints & #platforms: http://ow.ly/wzlL50LBAfq #cx

#Sustainability & #technology need to work together on #climate action, but how is #design involved in this #collaboration? Learn from Nic Parmaksizian, Designit CEO & Fahmida A. Bangert, Sustainability VP @ITRenewInc about the benefits of circularity: http://ow.ly/T9SA50LyjhA

Want to provide better #solutions for your #customers but don’t know where to start? We work hands-on with #product #design & development using the latest #technology to #prototype #products. Let's work together: http://ow.ly/melH50Lvyr0 #designwhatmatters

Are you a #business developer, CEO, #innovation manager, or #strategist? Join us on Nov. 22 in Oslo for a FREE #businessdesign #workshop designed to help you identify new opportunities in your #marketplace. Is this you? Sign up here: http://ow.ly/iMzq50Lj7h6

#eWomanBusiness | El teletrabajo, a debate: "Tras el covid, los equipos han seguido demandando la flexibilidad q ayuda a conciliar, pero esta tiene un impacto sobre la cultura d la firma y la pertenencia si no se diseña bien. Requiere un rediseño", dice Paula Otero, de @Designit

How can your #brand become a trusted and #credible partner? It starts with a solid Brand #Strategy. Click to learn about how to turn your brand into a builder brand that is designed to #build better for people & #planet: http://ow.ly/FQFe50LsSMA #ignitesharedprogress

How do you prepare for the future? 🔭 Learn more about The Futures Generator, an AI-generated tool based on different dualities that enable people & organisations to explore & shape strategies for potential futures: http://ow.ly/cvab50Lspqf

Did you know that almost 5 million people in the UK have #diabetes – & the number is rising? 📈Learn about @Counter_Weight_ & how we helped them expand their reach with an #affordable programme designed to help people kick #type2 diabetes into #remission: http://ow.ly/9hKa50LqVKw

Ever wondered how to uncover the hidden desires, needs & #challenges of your #endusers? Design Research helps inform the #creative process & ground a #design in #reality. Learn about how we develop new #service concepts based on #user #research: http://ow.ly/XVKN50LpOYG #designit

What happens when #purpose & #profit converge? Learn how we partnered with @AcerAmerica and 5 nonprofits to help break barriers between people & #technology, and bring Acer’s #brandpurpose to life: http://ow.ly/EtzM50LmQIE #designwhatmatters #purpose #sharedprogress

Let’s talk about #brand #design. It helps you understand the very #essence of your #business & convert it into meaningful & relevant #experiences. Want to create a brand that is distinct, #creative & in line with your #values? Let’s #connect: http://ow.ly/rrRv50LlflO

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Where is Designit headquarters?

Designit headquarters is located at Copenhagen NV.

When was Designit founded?

Designit was founded in 1991.

How many employees does Designit have?

Designit has 50+ employees.

What is Designit's core business?

Designit is Design company.

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