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Hello, we’re Designit, a Wipro company. As a global design firm, we work with ambitious brands to design what matters.

Designit is home to 700+ designers, analysts, brainstormers, creators, doers, dreamers, explorers, geeks, leaders, learners, lovers, mamas, papas, renegades, strategists, marketers, tree-huggers, visionaries, question-askers with diverse expertise and perspectives working together to solve complex problems.

As an experience innovation company with creativity at our core, we work at the intersection of strategy, design, marketing, and technology. Through diverse lenses, humane technology, and purposeful risk, we’re driven by the belief that what matters tomorrow is designed today.

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Can you innovate & humanise your #business simultaneously? 💡 We worked with @Google to improve educational outcomes around the globe. Learn more about how we used a humanity-centric approach to design an impactful solution for all: http://ow.ly/ZYnP50JeC8V #education #technology

Let’s talk about brand design. 🎨 #Design helps you understand the very essence of your #business & convert it into meaningful #experiences. Want to create a #brand that is distinct, #creative & in line with your #values? 🎯 Let’s connect: http://ow.ly/ht8h50JbL8M

Can #AI design truly accommodate essential resources of successful human #communication? 🤖 💬 This week, #Research Director, Sharon Bautista recommends ‘Plans & Situated Actions: The Problem of Human-Machine Communication' by Lucy Suchman. #technology #machine #ai #human

Meet our Australian #UX Designer, Amelia. 👋 She’s passionate about solving problems & designing things that make people's lives better. 💘 In her spare time, Amelia loves camping & surfing. 🌊 Want to work with cool #creatives like Amelia? Click here: http://ow.ly/JRYH50JaFx8

What is #ESG-led sustainability and how does it differ from purpose-led #sustainability? 🤔🔍 Read our latest article to learn about ways to make your #business more #sustainable & why it’s important to not use both terms interchangeably: http://ow.ly/ORtN50J9zUS #green #energy

Searching for ways to make your #business more #sustainable? Let’s #work together. 🌎 Join us tomorrow for “Do Look Up!”, a conference we are co-hosting with #ASustainableTomorrow. More info here: http://ow.ly/FawG50J81lp #sustainability #green #nordicsustainabilityexpo #eco

Ever wished you could predict the #future? 💡 Our ‘Dualities: #Futures Generator tool’ is currently a finalist in the running for the 2022 #DanishDesignAward2022 🥳 Help us win the #DDA People’s Choice award by voting for us: http://ow.ly/4xnu50J75KR (no signup needed) #design #ai

Hear from Design Director, Maria Björklund on the #visitor #experience we designed in preparation for the upcoming ‘Do Look Up!’ conference on May 17th, and the role of #design & how it contributes towards #sustainable transformation ✅: http://ow.ly/5SkA50J6tHb #sustainability

Looking to encourage #experimentation & play in a #retail space? 🛍️ #Beauty pioneer @sephora needed to redesign its in-store experience to align with the company’s key values 💄 We helped Sephora reignite the spark for beauty lovers: http://ow.ly/2XUN50J5Qby #design #designit

What’s a solid #brand #strategy and how can it create a sense purpose for your #business? 👀 A brand strategy helps you position your brand to maintain differentiation. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Let’s talk. Learn more: http://ow.ly/E9PQ50J3xve #marketing

We partnered with @AcerAmerica to actualise their #brand purpose—making sustainable progress & improving lives through technology. Learn about how we leveraged #technology to help organisations solve the #digitaldivide and ensure a better #future for all: http://ow.ly/Nvnl50J3wOx

Taking a #sustainable approach to your life is important, and it shouldn’t be difficult. Neither for you, nor for your business. ✅ Join us on May 17th for “Do Look Up!”, a conference we are co-hosting with #ASustainableTomorrow: http://ow.ly/nHjw50J1Cn6 #sustainability #green

How can #digital CX enhance #customer #intimacy? 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Join us May 10 for 'Enhancing #business agility & customer #experience through digital #operations', a session part of @Avasant's #empoweringbeyondsummit2022. Click to register & learn more: http://ow.ly/AZ1E50J0Set

Meet Senior #Service #Designer, Marina. 👋 She co-hosts our #Futures DNA initiative & loves #Designit's Futures Forums. In her spare time, Marina does #pottery & loves #dancing #bachata. 💃 Want to work with other #creatives like Marina? Click here: https://designit.com/jobs

Do you believe in teamwork, fun, complex #projects, #diverse perspectives & simple solutions? 👐 We’re looking for US-based #interns with the #passion & experience to #design what matters – one project at a time. Is this you? Apply here: http://ow.ly/mRNH50IZOiE.
#internship #job

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Where is Designit headquarters?

Designit headquarters is located at Copenhagen NV.

When was Designit founded?

Designit was founded in 1991.

How many employees does Designit have?

Designit has 50+ employees.

What is Designit's core business?

Designit is Design company.

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