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Figma is the first professional-grade, online tool created specifically for interface design. The tool is based entirely in the browser and enables teams to collaborate in real-time. It offers the speed and stability of powerful design programs like Adobe with the versatility and collaborative flexibility of online apps like Google Docs. With Figma, the design process is shareable across teams, no matter where the members are located.

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PS... we also made some fun snake washi tape featuring the snacks made by Figmates for you to use.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IF4PQeWRqaVboNgWPNXIwXe57ZXQFzDV/view?usp=sharing https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1641898680134389782

Thanks to everyone who joined us for SnakeJam! We had a ssssswell time. 🐍

Tag us with your high scores for a chance to win a surprise gift.

Hi friendssss, come hang out with us. 🐍

File will be open until 3:30 pm EST.




You're on to something. Have you checked FigJam today? 👀

Built a new @figma plugin I call "Magic Messages". It generates entire conversations using ChatGPT and renders them using our design system at Discord. You can set a topic, # people talking, and # of messages. This way we can generate content for our designs more easily.

Experimenting with new scrolling animations in @figma

Epic updates from the team 👏

Now that you have had time to play with yesterday’s @figma launches, which are you most excited about?

Also what did we forget?

Check out this sick new feature I've been working on at @figma! Background blur effects on overlay frames are now supported 🎉🎉 https://twitter.com/figma/status/1640757728913117187

What a huge collection of updates for @figma today!

Personally I'm so excited for component props v2 to move from beta into GA; I know a few were waiting for this.

Looking forward and thinking about v3, what improvements to props would you like to see?

We've got 3 little big updates for @figma's desktop apps shipping today!

First up, we've got search 🔎

Designers love our desktop app, and we want to make it even better for them. We added recents to the new tab page last year, and now search is taking it to the next level.

And huge congrats to @adispezio for pushing for this (for quite a while) and Ben Drebing for building this!

Love the cross-device prototype example from @miggi here! https://twitter.com/figma/status/1640757730863448078

happy to say i was hurt by both textkit1 AND textkit2 building out this feature on iOS!1!1!1!1!11!! https://twitter.com/figma/status/1640750891635539976

A little big update from me.

I'll no longer be actively developing the TextCrop plugin for @figma. Thanks to @okaysee and his team's hard work on the editor bringing Vertical Trim as a native feature.And shoutout to @mwichary for showing off his work at maker-week 2 years ago

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Where is Figma headquarters?

Figma headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Figma founded?

Figma was founded in 2012.

How many employees does Figma have?

Figma has 50+ employees.

What is Figma's core business?

Figma is Design company.

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