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What We Are:
dscout is a research tool that captures thoughts, reactions and behaviors in moments as they happen. Progressive researchers can gather qualitative feedback–in the form rich video, voices, images and text–and then analyze it within a quantifiable framework. We discover how people experience products, services and everyday life — in the same moment they do.

Our Mission:
We think most companies pay lip service to keeping a finger on the pulse of their users. Few really have the mindset or toolset to achieve it. It’s hard –very hard– to talk to people consistently about what they are experiencing in the moments that matter. It’s even harder to know how to apply those insights if you can get them. Our mission is to change that.

dscout believes the world becomes a better place each time an organization gains broader and deeper understanding of the thoughts and behaviors of real people. Our mission is to help facilitate meaningful connections between those experiences and the products and services developed for the people who have them. Our culture of thoughtfulness and curiosity about what makes people do as they do. That’s what propels us toward making that mission into reality.

Why We’re Growing:
The world’s largest tech, retail and consulting companies use the dscout SAAS to scale and simplify their primary research at an unprecedented level–extending reach, improving efficiency, and reducing costs by up to 70 percent.

Tech-forward organizations rely on dscout’s web platform and mobile app to achieve what traditional research cannot: media-rich qualitative feedback from mobile respondents–organized and analyzed within a quantitative framework.

Incubated in 2011 by Chicago-based innovation firm gravitytank, dscout gives progressive research, product, UX and marketing leaders the data and insights to pinpoint, understand, and track the moment-to-moment product, service, and brand experiences that influence their customers.

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Where is dscout headquarters?

dscout headquarters is located at Chicago, IL.

When was dscout founded?

dscout was founded in 2011.

How many employees does dscout have?

dscout has 50+ employees.

What is dscout's core business?

dscout is Research company.

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