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TapResearch was founded to help any business access critical market data about their products and services. Born out of frustrations with slow, expensive and hard-to-use research products, our mission is to empower any company to access the critical market insights they need to make better decisions.

Our Audience Network connects tens of millions of people with surveys in the apps and games they use everyday. Through this network we deliver unprecedented reach, and are quickly becoming the data collection backbone for the research industry.

Hundreds of companies, like Qualtrics, Zynga and comScore rely on our technology to collect consumer opinions across thousands of mobile apps and games from publishers such as MiniClip, Jam City, Atari, PeopleFun and many others. By connecting marketers & researchers with everyday mobile users, we are building the next generation of research products.

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[SURVEY INSIGHTS] 17% of gamers say they don’t make iAPs right now because money is tight. But what player segments are affected? Are some genres impacted more than others?


#monetization #mobileapps #playerinsights #mobilegameinsights

With player retention rates dropping in Q3 of 2022 by 10.3%, early game engagement is more critical than ever. Do you know how your players like to be engaged with?


#monetization #playerretention #playerinsights #mobilegames

In a business of declining app retention, relying on lagging data to segment users in order to personalize gaming experiences doesn't work. It's time to get proactive with in-app rewarded surveys.
#monetization #usersegmentation #mobilegaming #usersurveys

Do people trust Twitter information more or less now with Elon Musk at the helm? What about quality of content? We asked. The results? Not what we were expecting.


#mobileapp #playerinsights #twitternews #surveys

If mobile game publishers make sure their audience understands what digital "ownership" means, their players might reward them with more iAPs.


#web3 #monetization #digitalownership #playerinsights

If you don't offer a subscription plan as part of your mobile game monetization mix, you're likely missing a huge revenue opportunity.

#monetization #playerinsights #mobilegaming

18% Would Pay $10 - $20 For New Twitter Features 🀯


#monetization #usersegmentation #userengagement #userinsights

What motivates older players to participate in your in-game events?

Click the link to find out...

#monetization #playerinsights #appmonetization

Morning read: [SURVEY INSIGHTS] Only 31% Of Mobile Gamers Think Ad Frequency Is Acceptable! https://blog.tapresearch.com/survey-insights-only-31-of-mobile-gamers-think-ad-frequency-is-acceptable via @tapresearch

πŸ‘‰πŸΌIn-app rewarded surveys can deliver 10X the yield of rewarded video and help you optimize your game for better LTV. 😍

Players Win. Publishers Win. Market Researchers Win πŸ”₯


#monetization #monetizingwithoutads #mobileapps #playerinsights

What impact will the new Netflix low-cost ad-based subscription plan have on revenue? Will current customers switch? Will non-customers subscribe? See for yourself...

#netflix #monetization #mobileapp #playerinsights

Mobile Game Developers - Improve retention, boost user acquisition & increase LTV.

Create continuous player experience feedback loops to optimize your game for player engagement and monetization.

#monetization #mobileapp #playerinsights #appmonetization

Turn set-it-and-forget-it mobile app retention strategies into continuous player feedback loops for better product development.


#mobileapp #userretention #playerinsights

Mobile game publishers need to walk the fine line between ad load vs ad OVERload.
#mobilegame #playerinsights #adload #appmonetization


Last week our team attended the @SWEETSandSNACKS and came back with a lot of insights. The month of June is #NationalCandyMonth and to highlight it, our VP of Insights, @michaelsprague shares some tasty takeaways from the event in this blog: https://bit.ly/3mrDXmJ #cpgbrands

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Where is TapResearch headquarters?

TapResearch headquarters is located at Menlo Park, CA.

When was TapResearch founded?

TapResearch was founded in 2013.

How many employees does TapResearch have?

TapResearch has 50+ employees.

What is TapResearch's core business?

TapResearch is Research company.

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