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Elevate Labs is on a mission to improve people’s minds.

Since 2014, we’ve helped millions of people around the world learn and improve concrete cognitive skills in reading, writing, and math through Elevate, our first mobile app which has won Apple’s App of the Year Award. With Balance, our second mobile app and Google’s Best App of 2021, we’ve personalized meditation to help more people reduce stress, improve sleep, sharpen focus, and much more.

Elevate Labs is a fully distributed company of voracious learners and passionate doers, driven by our vision to help billions of people lead healthy, joyful, and productive lives. We intentionally invest in cultivating a robust and healthy company culture and providing a stellar employee experience and are honored to be selected as one of Built In’s 2022 Best Places to Work.

If our mission resonates with you, please consider applying for our open roles!

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Place quotes here in the correct spots.

It’s so nice to see you, Louise, said Janet. I’ve been wanting to grab dinner with you for some time.

Stop mixing up commonly confused words. 🔁 Play our Error Avoidance game to eliminate distracting errors in your speaking and writing.

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How many cups of coffee can Jonah have on Thursday if he wants to keep his average coffee intake to 3 cups/day?

Monday - 4
Tuesday - 1
Wednesday - 5
Thursday - ?

Happy #GroundhogDay! See how many of these #February trivia questions you can answer correctly.

What famous February figure is made from the words below?


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I should of gone to pick him up at the airport.

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Can you find the 4 commas that should be removed from the passage below?

“Jenna, you’re being a big, bully. Be nice, to your brother, and help me with the groceries,” she said, impatiently.

Can you spot the correct number of "F's" in this?

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Board is to rigid as blanket is to …


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Jenna needs to cut costs but loves going to the movies. She can either go for a $4.75 matinee weekly, or go once every 3 weeks to the $16.50 deluxe theater. Which will be lower cost over a year?

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Where is Elevate Labs headquarters?

Elevate Labs headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Elevate Labs founded?

Elevate Labs was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Elevate Labs have?

Elevate Labs has 50+ employees.

What is Elevate Labs's core business?

Elevate Labs is Information Technology & Services company.

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