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Emburse humanizes work by empowering business travelers, finance professionals and CFOs to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

Emburse brings together some of the world’s most powerful and trusted expense and AP automation solutions, including Abacus, Captio, Certify, Chrome River, Nexonia and Tallie. The company’s innovative offerings, which are uniquely tailored for specific industries, company sizes, and geographies, are trusted by more than 4.5 million users in more than 120 countries. Over 14,000 customers, from start-ups to global enterprises, including Boot Barn, Grant Thornton, Telefónica, Lufthansa Systems, and Toyota rely on Emburse to make faster, smarter decisions, empower business travelers to recapture lost nights and weekends spent doing tedious expense management, and help make users’ lives — and their businesses — better.

For more information on Emburse, visit emburse.com, call 877-EMBURSE, or follow the organization’s social channels at @emburse.

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"We're all in the same boat," says sales development representative Callum Smith. This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, we're sharing quotes and stories from Emburse employees about what #together4mh means to them. For Callum, it means supporting rather than comparing. #humanizework

This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, Francesca from our customer success team recommends you take a moment to check in on your loved ones. After all, you never know what someone is going through, and we're in this together. #together4mh #humanizework

This year's theme for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth is #together4mh, and Daron's advice fits perfectly. One of our core values at Emburse is empathy, and we encourage employees to take time for themselves when they need it. We're in this together. #HumanizeWork

As business travel slowed, fewer employees dined on the company dime. Which of the ten most-expensed chains took the biggest hit compared to pre-COVID levels? Check out our blog about Emburse’s SpendSmart H1 snapshot on the meals category to find out. https://www.emburse.com/learn/spendsmart-2022

Today's #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth quote features COO Eric White, who recommends physical activity as a way to decompress when he's struggling mentally. Take this as your sign to take a break and move today, in whatever way you'd like to. #together4mh #humanizework

This #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, we're sharing advice and stories from Emburse employees. Timothy York stresses the importance of rest, and taking time to reset when you need it. #HumanizeWork #Together4MH

Today's #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth spotlight features Gaby de Jong, VP, Product Management.

"The magic of really making an effort to understand and acknowledge what someone is feeling/going through/thinking goes a long way, because all we want to feel like we belong."

It can be tough to focus on work when you're struggling with your mental health. Tim Wheatcroft's advice is to be open and honest with your team, and take time to care for yourself when you need it.
#together4mh #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthatwork

At Emburse, our mission is to humanize work, so you can focus on what matters most. For CFO Adriana Carpenter, that includes riding through the streets of Denver in style with her adorable pup, Meadow! #humanizework #emburseit

In honor of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, we're featuring stories and advice from Emburse employees about their journeys with mental health. To kick off this series, Danielle Tabor, Chief People Officer, emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself.

TGIF! It's been a fun-filled week at Ellucian #elive2022. Have you spotted our billboards up in #Denver? Take a pic and tag us!

We had a blast Ellucian #eLive2022 this week! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn about optimized spend, end-user experience, and data insights for #highered. We loved hanging out with our customers (current and future)!

Emburse Spend is a card management solution that makes purchases easier to make, track, and control, creating huge opportunities for spend optimization. Learn more in our latest blog!


Today we introduced Emburse Spend, an expense solution which combines card issuance, sophisticated spend policy control, and automated reconciliation. Emburse Spend’s workflow provides both control and convenience.

Learn more: https://www.emburse.com/company/news/emburse-spend-launch-press-release

We're excited to announce the launch of Emburse Spend! The goal with Emburse Spend is to transform the corporate card from an executive status symbol into an every day tool for teams. Learn more in @TechCrunch.


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Where is Emburse headquarters?

Emburse headquarters is located at Los Angeles, California.

When was Emburse founded?

Emburse was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Emburse have?

Emburse has 50+ employees.

What is Emburse's core business?

Emburse is Computer Software company.

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