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Granicus connects governments with the people they serve by providing the first and only civic engagement platform for the public sector. Over 5,500 federal, state, and local government agencies and more than 300 million citizen subscribers power an unmatched Subscriber Network that turns government missions into quantifiable results. With comprehensive cloud-based solutions for communications, government website design, meeting and agenda management software, records management, and digital services, Granicus empowers stronger relationships between government and residents across the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. By simplifying interactions with residents, while disseminating critical information, Granicus brings governments closer to the people they serve—driving meaningful change for communities around the globe.

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#CityClerks are impacted by #IT Directors like Bob McQueen, helping to choose the most advanced public meeting #government solutions that increase efficiencies and automate workflows — so that city staff can make the most of their valuable time.


[email protected]’ govDelivery solution enables agencies to seamlessly connect and engage with citizens. Dig into this report to analyze agency performance with the technology vs. baseline data on open rates, engagements, subscriptions and more: http://ow.ly/lPAn50Ni7Ia

Have you noticed your public sector organization investing in solutions that end up flopping after a couple of years? Check out how other public sector organizations are investing in government solutions that are future-proof. ⤵

Do you think your government organization’s #technology suite reflects your #community? Is the technology suite used #modern, #transparent, or #transformative?

The Township of Maplewood, NJ has a tech stack that plans and scales for the future. ⤵️

Discover some of our local government customers are using digital solutions to create two-way dialogue that builds trust with community members


#Granicus #CommunityInvolvement #ConstituentServices #CitizenEngagement #CityPlanning

Happy National Freedom of Information Day! Let's 🎉 President James Madison's advocacy for government transparency by exercising our rights and learning more about the #FreedomOfInformationAct.
Join me in spreading awareness https://bit.ly/3mYXfDp for resources. #SunshineWeek

#ThrowbackThursday. A 3 Alarm Fire in 1968 destroys a hanger at the old Naval Air Station on South Capitol Street SW. #DCsBravest.

This #GovTech hero supports their community and takes steps toward improvements with civil services like:

📕 Issuing licenses, permits, and payments
🗣️ Selecting platforms that empower the public meeting process
🔖 Managing and attending council meetings


A dedicated public participation platform is the best way to address community needs. Join this webinar with @govtechnews to learn how @Granicus communication solutions can help keep communities informed. https://go.aws/3yvBPAe

Which is most important for your government organization when choosing digital platforms for engagement?

#DigitalEngagement #GovernmentOrganization #LowCode #NoCode #UserFriendly #Templates #Poll #CommunityEngagement #Collaboration #TechnologySolutions

📈👏 #Granicus solutions are transforming #government #records management! The County of Imperial Clerk-Recorder's Office in #California has seen a 2.4x faster document processing time, thanks to improved internal processes. Check out success story here: https://bit.ly/401XcVD

Does your Fire and Emergency Medical Service District receive Non-Emergency 911 calls? 🧐 With digital solutions, districts can reduce non-emergency calls and improve health literacy. See how @dcfireems created measurable success with digital tools.

City Clerk: Brenda Long
This #GovTech hero uplifts her community through:
-Acting as communication liaison
-Providing access to key public records and meetings
-Managing and overseeing municipal elections
Learn how to quickly implement impactful tools:⤵️

Have you explored #govCommunity? Join us in connecting with fellow government professionals and accessing additional resources from #Granicus experts.

Join the conversation at https://bit.ly/3ZHnThZ

#government #publicservice #municipalities #networking

#Community at work cannot be manufactured. Genuine #connections and safe spaces foster flourishing communities.
Thank you Mark Hynes, CEO and its leaders @miguelbuddle @melody_banton @shenekaanthony @nicoleblakej for shaping #workplace #culture.
#blackhistorymonth2023 #govtech

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Where is Granicus headquarters?

Granicus headquarters is located at Denver, CO.

When was Granicus founded?

Granicus was founded in 1999.

How many employees does Granicus have?

Granicus has 50+ employees.

What is Granicus's core business?

Granicus is Computer Software company.

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