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Downtime is expensive and can hurt your brand. Gremlin provides engineers with the framework to safely, securely, and easily simulate real outages with an ever-growing library of attacks. Turn failure into resilience with chaos engineering.

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Last week, hundreds of SREs gathered in Santa Clara to share the latest research, tips, best practices, and more for site reliability engineering. And you better believe Gremlin was there! Check out these five key trends we heard at SRECon Americas 2023. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3noMo5T

Attending #SREcon23 in Santa Clara this week? Stop by booth K18 and say hi to the Gremlin team! We'll be in the expo each day showing demos and handing out swag. See you there!

Stop digging through your environment and manually testing certificates.

Stay ahead of expiring certificates by attending our upcoming “Secure yourself against expiring TLS certificates” webinar.

Register at https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Z2ZIL7

Between 2020–2022, 81% of companies have had at least one outage caused by expired TLS certificates*. Don’t be part of that statistic; attend our upcoming webinar.

Register today athttps://go.gremlin.rocks/3Z2ZIL7

*Recent Keyfactor survey

[UPCOMING WEBINAR] Secure yourself against expiring TLS certificates.

To ensure strong security and reliability for your customers, you need tools for detecting expiring TLS certificates before they can cause outages.

You can register at https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Z2ZIL7.

Ultimately, any Chaos Engineering or reliability testing tool aims to help you achieve greater reliability with less effort. Which tool will help you achieve that goal easier and faster?

Select your Chaos Engineering tool with help from our experts. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3wDWctT

🆕 FOR 2023: Gremlin’s Guide to Chaos Engineering Tools

Leverage our team's decades of combined experience implementing reliability practices at companies like Netflix and Amazon to select just the right Chaos Engineering tool for your organization. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3wDWctT

Which Chaos Engineering tool is right for you in 2023?
Get the facts!

Whether you're just starting or upgrading your current tool, this guide covers a range of open-source and commercial solutions and considerations for choosing the right tool. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3wDWctT

Last year, Shopify had an old certificate expire and started an outage. Here’s their breakdown of what happened next. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3wpQhsn

Learn more about Gremlin's new pre-built test to find expiring certificates https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Hh1aD8

Spotify. Microsoft. Ericsson. LinkedIn. They all had significant outages caused by expired TLS certificates.

Discover why it’s important to test for expiring certificates, and how Gremlin can help: https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Hh1aD8

Or join our next live demo: https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Wnx2uj

NEW DATE! Mother Nature made us reschedule, but now you have a second chance to join us.

Considering chaos engineering? Join us for this upcoming webinar - 5 Hidden Barriers to Chaos Engineering Success - on January 17 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Pbgm6Y

To achieve the promises of cloud-native, you have to tackle the challenge of reliability. Start by joining today's webinar with Jay Lyman, Senior Research Analyst @451Research and Jeff Nickoloff, Principal Engineer at Gremlin.https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Ik7vif

Both cloud-native technology and chaos engineering are evolving, presenting opportunities as well as challenges for today’s organizations.

Learn more about both by joining our upcoming webinar with @451Research. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Ik7vif

#chaosengineering #sre

Cloud native requires more than chaos engineering to ensure reliability. Join our upcoming session with Jay Lyman, Senior Research Analyst at @451Research and Jeff Nickoloff, Principal Engineer at Gremlin to learn more. https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Ik7vif

After helping hundreds of organizations adopt chaos engineering, we've learned a thing or two. We will share what works and what to look out for in today's webinar - 5 Hidden Barriers to Chaos Engineering Success. Register now to save your spot! https://go.gremlin.rocks/3Pbgm6Y

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Where is Gremlin headquarters?

Gremlin headquarters is located at San Jose, California.

When was Gremlin founded?

Gremlin was founded in 2016.

How many employees does Gremlin have?

Gremlin has 50+ employees.

What is Gremlin's core business?

Gremlin is Computer Software company.

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