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Meet Happy Money, we’re not just a business, we’re a movement, providing financial tools and services for human happiness, working outside of the Sad Money™ complex with an innovative business model that works for members.

The category that needs a mission-based company the most – finance/banking – has none. It’s time to leave mindless capitalism behind and usher in a new world of more mindful capitalism.

Our mission is helping borrowers become savers™. Our values of love, trust and hustle are our culture and they inspire us to deliver for our team, our members, our partners, our investors and society.

Join the Happy Money Movement today and help us deliver the future of Happy Financial Services.

Happy Money. A Happier Future™.

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Happy Money CEO Jeff Winner shares 3 tips for businesses to navigate tough economic conditions in his latest @ForbesBizCncl article. http://bit.ly/3Zk4pQd

Happy Money CEO Jeff Winner shares 3 predictions for how fintech companies can (and must) evolve in 2023 and adapt to industry trends in this @ForbesBizCncl article 🔮 https://bit.ly/3ibq6lU

Having not-so-good credit can have some negative effects, this is where we can help. ✅

With a single fixed payment and a set pay-off date, The Payoff Loan™ helps pay off credit card debt easier!

Check out https://happymoney.com/payoff-loan for more info!

Need some extra cash? Whether you need help with holiday-related to-dos or just want to replenish your bank account for the new year, the holidays are a great time to invest in a side hustle.

Here are six ideas that can put a little more money in your pocket this season:

Friendly PSA: you don’t have to buy a gift for everyone you know just because it’s the holidays. For easier shopping—and smart spending—make a list of the people most important to you, then stick to that 😊

We strive to make our process as easy and painless as possible so our members can achieve financial freedom 😎

To see if the The Payoff Loan™ is right for you, check out https://happymoney.com/payoff-loan!

The holidays are a great time to give to others—but they’re *also* a good opportunity to indulge in a happy spend.

That could be a pair of shoes you’ve been wanting, a weekend getaway, or just a really delicious peppermint mocha in lieu of making coffee at home.

If you spend more in general during the holidays, you’re not alone. According to PWC’s 2022 Holiday Outlook report, this year consumers will spend (on average):

$754 on gifts
$452 on travel
$224 on entertainment

Do those numbers line up with your spending?

Between buying gifts, attending social events, visiting or hosting family, and keeping up with work, the holidays can be stressful! If you’re feeling wound tight, here are five ways to de-stress:
🌲Get outside
😳Ask for help
👍Say no
😴Make time for rest
❤️Embrace imperfection

The cost of holiday activities can add up. To ensure you’re spending money in a way that makes you happy, prioritize the activities that bring you the most joy—and forget the rest.

If you want to cut back on buying gifts this year, consider one of these alternatives:
🍪Host a holiday baking day
🚆Take a trip
🪂Cross an item off your bucket list
💌Make each other elaborate cards

Gift exchanges are fun—but you don’t have to go all out to participate. You can DIY a gift, regift something sentimental, or go for a consumable treat.

Think about how you can use your skills to give gifts or spread holiday joy. If you’re a good baker, you could make cookies for your coworkers or relatives. If you’re a good leader, you could organize a neighborhood canned food drive. What are your talents?

It's easy to donate to causes in 5 mins directly from your 📱.

This also makes it easy for scammers to try & take your 💰, especially during the
holidays. It's crucial to ask the right questions before you donate. Grab our HM Giving Guide to learn more. https://bit.ly/2022HMGivingGuide

5 signs you’re on the right track:

✅You always know how much money is in your bank account
✅You can resist spending temptations more easily
✅You know what your happy spends are
✅You check in on your weekly budget
✅You know how much you owe—and have a plan to pay it off

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Where is Happy Money headquarters?

Happy Money headquarters is located at Tustin, CA.

When was Happy Money founded?

Happy Money was founded in 2009.

How many employees does Happy Money have?

Happy Money has 50+ employees.

What is Happy Money's core business?

Happy Money is Financial Services company.

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