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InDebted is an intelligent consumer debt recovery solution, disrupting the broken industry of debt collection.

Fueled by machine learning, InDebted gives businesses the power to take a truly modern and customer-first approach to collections, globally. By using InDebted to deliver tailored experiences and personalized communications on the digital channels customers prefer, businesses can maintain positive relationships with their customer base while increasing the success rate on recoveries.

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Digital #debtcollection can mean many things. Learn how you can better evaluate potential vendors with 5 key questions to ask. https://bit.ly/3NN5hIw

Focus on your business, not your collections. https://bit.ly/3LLEMRA

What are the pros and cons of partnering with a #debtcollection agency vs. servicing accounts in-house? Let’s take a look at each path. https://bit.ly/3LCmTos

When should you keep collections in-house? When should you partner with a #debtcollection agency? Find your tipping point with our free white paper. https://bit.ly/37a7i0p

#Debtcollection software can give you expanded capabilities, but do you have the expertise to take full advantage of them? https://bit.ly/3DCVuQy

#Debtcollection is going digital, but not all #digital debt collection is the same. Explore the differences and learn key questions to ask potential vendors. https://bit.ly/3NN5hIw

Should you use #debtcollection software to service accounts in-house, or partner with a debt collection agency? https://bit.ly/3LCmTos

At InDebted, we’re changing the world of consumer debt recovery for good. We call it ‘intelligent debt collection’. It’s emotionally intelligent, digitally intelligent, and simply intuitive to the needs of every person, everywhere. #changeforgood

"It absolutely put a rocket underneath the business..." 🚀 Josh Foreman recently joined Fast Company’s The New Way We Work podcast. Listen to the episode here: https://bit.ly/3BH2pan

We’re thrilled to have kicked off 2022 with senior hires in two newly created global roles - a big welcome to Pierre Bergamin, our VP, Engineering and Roger Almeida, our Head of Product. 👋🏻

Our customer experience team is ready and available 24/7 to assist our customers in resolving their accounts.

Keep up the great work, Paul!

#customerexperience #collections #InDebted

Understanding how and when customers prefer to pay off their debt ensures higher recovery rates.

InDebted’s highly-skilled Data Science team is dedicated to analyzing customer trends, ensuring the best results for our clients.

#collections #fintech #InDebted

Accommodating the financial situations of our customers only helps their journey to financial wellness.

Pay in full or set up a payment plan that works for you.

#customerexperience #collections #fintech

A less stressed customer is one that is happy to stay with an organization.

Digital debt collection provides a positive experience for both the client and the customer.

Learn more here:

InDebted’s digital debt collection platform can flexibly scale to securely handle any volume of accounts while delivering personalized, positive and compliant experiences to customers.

Learn more: http://ow.ly/wbLO50GlrTP

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Where is InDebted headquarters?

InDebted headquarters is located at North Sydney, NSW.

When was InDebted founded?

InDebted was founded in 2016.

How many employees does InDebted have?

InDebted has 50+ employees.

What is InDebted's core business?

InDebted is Financial Services company.

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