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InDebted is an intelligent consumer debt recovery solution, disrupting the broken industry of debt collection.

Fueled by machine learning, InDebted gives businesses the power to take a truly modern and customer-first approach to collections, globally. By using InDebted to deliver tailored experiences and personalized communications on the digital channels customers prefer, businesses can maintain positive relationships with their customer base while increasing the success rate on recoveries.

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As we step into the UK, Russell Cummings our VP, Customer Experience reflects on the financial situation that Brits are facing right now - and why it's time that we take the shame out of debt, and put the human back in.

Read the full blog here: https://bit.ly/3bUqa6h

As the Bank of England warns of a recession, 3 in 4 Brits are concerned for their financial wellbeing.

To mark our UK launch πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ we worked with @OpiniumResearch to find out how 2000 Brits are impacted by the climate and their experience of debt.

Report: https://bit.ly/3Ql9tA8

Check out @TechonReg's podcast featuring @collins_tim our Chief Customer Officer, as he discusses the modern way of collecting debt.

#InDebted #debtcollection #fintech

#Debtcollection strategies need to shift as accounts age. When is the right time to partner with a debt collection agency? Our free white paper will help you find your tipping point. https://bit.ly/37a7i0p

#Debtcollection software can give you expanded capabilities, but don’t confuse capability for competency. You’ll need to bring your own expertise to the table. https://bit.ly/3DCVuQy

Australian-based fintech @InDebtedHQ has landed in the UK to fix the "broken" debt collection industry.

Their Chief Strategy Officer @LachlanHeussler tells us more πŸ‘‡

Five Fintechs' Friday edition is here! πŸ“£

Five #fintechs shortlisted for this fortnight are - @krakenfx, @azupay, APLYiD, @InDebtedHQ and @oneZeroFS

Visit πŸ‘‡πŸ» to know more about their services and #solutions


Don’t lose your customers to out-of-date communication methods. Today’s customers don’t want to be waiting on hold to take care of their finances. They want to self-serve using the communication channel of their choice whenever they want to.
Learn more: https://bit.ly/39R9ivH

Greater recoveries, happier customers, less hassle for everyone. https://bit.ly/3LLEMRA

#digital #debtcollection

Gen Z & Millennials no longer want to deal with pesky phone calls or mail notices. But don’t be afraid of this shift in customer behavior! With InDebted, 93% of debts are resolved w/o human interaction, lowering operating costs & human error. https://bit.ly/3NCbS7p

Not all #digital #debtcollection is created equal. Learn to spot the differences with 5 key questions to ask prospective vendors. https://bit.ly/3NN5hIw

#Debtcollection software or debt collection agency? In-house or third party? Learn how to choose. https://bit.ly/3LCmTos

Lousy customer service can leave your customers with a sour taste for your brand. Our intuitive #digital #debtcollection experience creates a convenient path back to financial fitness, resolving 93% of total debts. https://bit.ly/3lDodMO

In-house #debtcollection requires resources. What happens when those resources outpace your recoveries? Learn how you can optimize recoveries with our free white paper. https://bit.ly/37a7i0p

Digital #debtcollection can mean many things. Learn how you can better evaluate potential vendors with 5 key questions to ask. https://bit.ly/3NN5hIw

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Where is InDebted headquarters?

InDebted headquarters is located at North Sydney, NSW.

When was InDebted founded?

InDebted was founded in 2016.

How many employees does InDebted have?

InDebted has 50+ employees.

What is InDebted's core business?

InDebted is Financial Services company.

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