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Through software, content, professional development, open integrations, and an amazing user community, The Instructure Learning Platform makes edtech more personal and student success more equitable.

Who Is Instructure? The Makers of Canvas.
But we’re not only the makers of a leading learning management system. We’re an education technology company with a mission to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.

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[The pandemic] demonstrated that the same tech and approach to ensure the continuity of education should be a priority to help women face role gender stereotypes and natural life events.

Read more: https://bit.ly/40xIMgq

#Education #EdTech #WomensHistoryMonth

Canvas Admin Analytics—a powerful new feature set—is now available to all #CanvasLMS customers!

Admin have easy access to data about Canvas adoption and how students interact with course content. Start exploring your institution's data: https://bit.ly/3nwgnsK


In one year, @chaffeycollege used Canvas Credentials to issue over 10,000 micro-credentials but wanted a more automated way to integrate data from #Canvas Outcomes.

Learn how they turned the outcomes assessment process into a valuable experience: https://bit.ly/3JuWGZp

Estamos te esperando no #GEduc! O principal congresso de gestão educacional do país. Hoje, 30 e 31 de março no Centro de Convenções Rebouças. Venha conversar sobre tecnologia da educação com a gente hoje!
#AVA #LMS #educação

California, here we come! The @Instructure Canvas Caravan is headed to the Golden State for a get-together led by local institutions, tech leaders & Instructure insiders. Connect with us & learn about the power of the ☁️, cloud security & more. https://go.aws/3JAJ1jC

Michelle Suzuki, SVP of Marketing, appears in this weeks By Subject podcast episode. With an impressive career, we're glad to have her leadership and passion for users on Team Instructure!

#EdTech #Marketing
@siliconslopes @thea8ency @modern8

🖥️ Did you miss our webinar on "AI with Boundaries: The Right Way to Manage Chat GPT and its Potential Disruption of Higher Ed"? Watch it now: https://bit.ly/3TKrHxm

#AI #ChatGPT #EdTech

Congrats, to our #UtahJazzMVE John Arthur! We had so much fun getting to celebrate your hard work as a teacher on the court on Friday. John was nominated for his work championing students' voices in his state and nationally in the U.S.!

Today's our 15th birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with confetti? 🥳

We couldn't have made it this far without our incredible users & employees. We're proud of our positive impact and are excited to continue transforming education! #ConfettiWithCanvas

Education is not just about imparting knowledge but nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. By inspiring your students to ask questions, explore new ideas, and express their unique perspectives, you are igniting a passion for learning that can last a lifetime.

You're invited! Join @Instructure and @LearnPlatformUS at the end of your day on Tuesday, March 21 at #CoSN2023. RSVP → http://ow.ly/Tlux50Nfokw

AI can be used for both training and company practices. Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Instructure, agrees, “These tools will only become more advanced and ubiquitous in the near future.” Read more: https://bit.ly/3JWg6Id

Keeping up with the changes and revisions to state standards across all states is essential to supporting educators and student learning. Our Mastery Team uses 3 milestones to track and update standards. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3FFs6eO
#mastery #MasteryConnect

A new report from @LearnPlatformUS details how the 100 most-accessed ed solutions used during the first half of the 2022-23 school year stack up in terms of privacy, interoperability, other certifications, and effectiveness.

Read more: https://bit.ly/42v0frb

Instructure CEO Steve Daly is having a little #ConfettiWithCanvas moment for being named among @UtahBusiness's CEOs of the Year! 🎉 Congrats, Steve! https://bit.ly/3yXngpa

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Where is Instructure headquarters?

Instructure headquarters is located at Salt Lake City, Utah.

When was Instructure founded?

Instructure was founded in 2008.

How many employees does Instructure have?

Instructure has 50+ employees.

What is Instructure's core business?

Instructure is Information Technology & Services company.

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