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About us: Kinsta was founded in 2013 with a desire to change the status quo. We set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world, and that’s our promise.

At Kinsta, we take managed WordPress hosting and performance to the next level. Powered by Google Cloud Platform and their lightning-fast premium tier network, WordPress users can choose from 25+ data centers around the globe. We host all types of sites, from small blogs up to Fortune 500 customers.

Kinsta is obsessed with performance: Imagine a car enthusiast building their dream ride. That’s us with WordPress hosting. We love what we do and are obsessed with fine-tuning our servers to deliver maximum speeds.

Kinsta is global: We serve thousands of clients from 128 countries around the globe through our 25+ data centers. The only continent we haven’t reached yet is Antarctica.

Kinsta is local: Wherever it is on the globe, we like to be locals. That’s why we hired a remote support team that covers all time zones. We also provide native-speaking support in 6 languages.

Kinsta is diverse: Our team is remote-first with some local hubs. This allows us to hire top talent worldwide without boundaries. Our diversity is also our power. We all come from different walks of life, and this widens our unified perspective. It instills an understanding that we can use on a
daily basis when interacting with each other or with clients.

Kinsta loves WordPress: Just like you, we are all members of the WordPress community: users, developers, and enthusiasts. That’s why we build our business around the best CMS in the world.

Kinsta is independent: We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosts in the industry. This means stability for our platform and, consequently, to your site. Kinsta is deeply rooted in
hosting and is here to stay.

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The new WordPress 6.2 is around the corner. If you have 6 minutes in this video ▶️ you can learn all the new features and improvements
🟢Browse Mode
🔵Style Book
🟡Improved Navigation Menus
🟣New APIs

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Today I will start with the basics.

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Around the corner 🟢
What’s New In #WordPress 6.2
@carlodaniele reviews the latest features:

Browse Mode, Style Book, Improved Navigation Menus, New APIs

https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-6-2/ @kinsta cc @gutenbergtimes

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Where is Kinsta headquarters?

Kinsta headquarters is located at West Hollywood, CA.

When was Kinsta founded?

Kinsta was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Kinsta have?

Kinsta has 50+ employees.

What is Kinsta's core business?

Kinsta is Information Technology & Services company.

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