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Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancelling app that removes background noise and echo during online calls in real time. It works across any communication, conferencing, streaming and recording app and can be used with any wired or wireless microphone, speaker and headphones.

Krisp is privacy-centric and performs all the audio processing locally on your device.

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The latest version of Krisp's SDK supports our newest narrow band models, improving noise cancellation and providing Mac users with significantly better support for AirPods.

Learn about the new communication styles dominating the virtual world! https://hubs.ly/Q01b7yn10

Suffering from bad lighting or a busy background? Mac users can now leverage Krisp to adjust their light and enable background blur. Learn more: https://hubs.ly/Q019ZxDw0

“Loving this new (self-)awareness widget from Krisp.” - Matteo Palvarini, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn

Learn more about how Krisp's Call Summary Report can help you improve your online communication habits: https://hubs.ly/Q019y7dL0

Krisp is officially a 2x Webby Award Winner! This year we came out on top as the People’s Voice winner for Best Use of AI and Machine Learning. Our teams work extremely hard to build best in class AI solutions that make meetings more effective and we are so proud of this honor!

Why does Krisp deserve to win the #Webby Award for the Best Use of AI & Machine Learning? We'll tell you all about it in our latest blog post. Check it out, and don't forget to vote for Krisp in @TheWebbyAwards! https://hubs.ly/Q018gl910

We’re celebrating our nomination in the 26th Annual Webby Awards—the Internet’s most respected symbol of success—for the Best Use of AI & Machine Learning! 🎉 Cast your vote today! https://hubs.ly/Q017s18L0

Here at Krisp, we have a team of more than 70 #AI researchers who build the underlying technology that powers Krisp. Check out this article from Elen on our Research team about understanding data from an AI product manager's perspective. https://hubs.ly/Q016mXWJ0

Once employees lose motivation and drive, it’s hard to get it back. Learn more about workplace burnout before it becomes a problem! https://hubs.ly/Q016mZtK0

I’ve been using @krispHQ for almost a year, and I can honestly say it’s the best noise cancellation tool out right now. Their tech is amazing, and it’s an extremely helpful tool if you have a super loud mechanical keyboard! 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Discover how Krisp's bi-directional Noise Cancellation can help improve customer experience. #CX https://hubs.ly/Q016hLS20

Happy International Women's Day! 👩‍🚀 👩‍⚕️ 👩‍✈️ 👩‍⚖️ 👮‍♀️ 👩‍🔬 👩‍🎨. Whether you're celebrating women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements in person or connecting remotely, do so with the women in your life who inspire you.

Have you seen our new personal and organization pages? Keep track of your personal usage, as well as the usage of your teammates here. Consider inviting more teammates to make it fun! 🙌

I love this feature of @krispHQ. It shows that of this 24 minute meeting, I talked for ~5 minutes (20%). Super useful so I can ensure I'm not hogging the floor.

Did you hear the exciting news? Krisp now supports video capabilities on M1 devices! 💻 That means you can now see Talk Time displayed on your video thumbnail and share it with the other call participants. 💬

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Where is Krisp headquarters?

Krisp headquarters is located at Berkeley, California.

When was Krisp founded?

Krisp was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Krisp have?

Krisp has 50+ employees.

What is Krisp's core business?

Krisp is Information Technology & Services company.

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