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Lingraphica provides clinically relevant tools and services to help individuals with language and cognitive disorders connect with family, friends and communities. Working in partnership with clinicians and caregivers, our mission is to meet those individuals wherever they may be in their journey to improve or regain their communication skills.

Whether you have a speech, language, or cognitive deficit or you’re the parent or caregiver of an individual with a deficit, we will help you find an effective solution to help you communicate. Our clinical team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. We’re your partner for the journey.

For more information about Lingraphica visit www.aphasia.com or call us 888-274-2742.

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This week in #VirtualConnections, we've got an amazing lineup of sessions ranging from Caregiver Open Chat to Rebuilding Identity! Each week you will be able to register for 3 sessions. All sessions are led by SLPs, aphasia experts, & more! Sign up today: https://bit.ly/3LGA8Ea

THEIR WORDS follows the real-life profiles of four (4) various people living w/ aphasia, a communication disorder often caused by a stroke or brain injury. Aphasia can affect a person’s speech & more.

Sign up to be notified when a new video is released: https://bit.ly/39Jy5SF

Download your FREE copy of Lingraphica's 7 Quick Tips for Communication Partners and New Caregivers. Whether you are a caregiver or healthcare professional, these tips can be helpful for all those involved in the conversation! https://bit.ly/3LtSYOW #BetterSpeechandHearingMonth

Happy #SLP Appreciation day to all our #SLPs! Here at Lingraphica, we appreciate and value all the hard work you do to help those with aphasia, apraxia, and other communication impairments improve their speech and quality of life.

While other devices only focus on day-to-day speech, Lingraphica AAC devices offer both communication & built-in therapy so that you can improve your speech, whether you are seeing a speech therapist or not. Visit https://bit.ly/3G0HhOE to learn more today.

A shot of our Lingraphica #SLP, Faye Stillman, meeting with physicians, patients, and their families at the Encompass Health Rehab Stroke Survivor Fair in Ocala, Florida! Learn more about how our communication AAC devices can help you or a loved one here: https://bit.ly/3FRTLaY

After being diagnosed with primary progessive aphasia (PPA) and losing his words, Jack is flourishing and diligently striving to improve his communication skills with the help of a Lingraphica communication device! Read Jack Burnetti's full story here: https://bit.ly/3sGeBEV

This week in #VirtualConnections, we've got a great lineup of sessions ranging from Couple's Conversations, 3D Printing to Chair Yoga! Each week you will be able to register for 3 sessions. All sessions are led by SLPs, aphasia experts, & more! https://bit.ly/3wq2kp9

Do you love to read? Check out guest author, Devin Fisher (MS CCC-SLP), provide his top free online reading resources for aphasia here: https://bit.ly/3Nenz4h
#Aphasia #AAC #Communication #CommunicationTools #Nonverbal #Nonspeaking #SpeechTools #OnlineReading #ReadingResources

Tune in tomorrow for our FREE, ASHA CEU eligible, webinar which will cover "Beyond the Basics of Teletherapy." Visit https://bit.ly/3L5348w to sign up or register through our Lingraphica Learning Portal today.

In honor of Better Hearing & Speech Month, check out what one of our #SLPs had to say about working with our devices! Have someone in mind who might be a good fit for an AAC device but not sure where to start? Let us help!

Visit https://bit.ly/3FwqEK8 to book a consultation!

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! During this month, we'll be focusing on those who help improve & sharpen speech - our #SLPPeeps of course! All month long we will be sharing tips, educational resources, & more to shed light on stroke & celebrate better hearing & speech.

Meet other people and families living with aphasia with #VirtualConnections! Each week you will be able to register for 3 sessions, all facilitated by speech-language pathologists, music therapists, and aphasia experts. Sign up for your favorites today! https://bit.ly/3wa72rd

Hey, #SLPPeeps! Coming up next week - join us for our FREE, ASHA CEU eligible, webinar which will identify teletherapy best practices and advanced teletherapy techniques.

Visit https://bit.ly/3FnyfdU to sign up or register through our Lingraphica Learning Portal today.

#ThrowbackThursday We're throwing it back to 2011! Did you know the TouchTalk device was first introduced this year? https://bit.ly/3FnJhAa
#SLP #SpeechPathologist #SpeechPathology #AAC #AACDevices #AACCommunication #CommunicationDevice #SpeechTools #CommunicationImpairment

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Where is Lingraphica headquarters?

Lingraphica headquarters is located at Princeton, NJ.

When was Lingraphica founded?

Lingraphica was founded in 1990.

How many employees does Lingraphica have?

Lingraphica has 50+ employees.

What is Lingraphica's core business?

Lingraphica is Medical Device company.

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