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At Litmus, we know the importance of continuous innovation. By staying in front of industry trends, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions for marketers around the world. With the latest release, simplify your workflow, create more effective emails, and get valuable insights that can inform and improve the results of your other marketing channelsβ€”all within one, seamless view.

Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus to make email better and easier than ever, including 9 of the top 10 eCommerce brands, 7 of the top 10 technology companies, and 23 of the top 25 US ad agencies.

Backed by Spectrum Equity, the new, redesigned Litmus makes it easier than ever for teams to quickly organize, build, test, and review emails in one centralized application, streamlining the production process and improving visibility and collaboration.

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In search of: Email geeks who "just get it."

We’re email marketers, designers, and developers (like you!). Ready to become email besties? πŸ‘― Subscribe to #LitmusWeekly πŸ‘‰ https://lit.ms/3IaI2Vt

Deliverability myths: Busted. πŸ’₯ We turned to experts to clear the misinformation on spam and deliverability.

πŸŽ™οΈ Lili Crowley (@Yahoo)
πŸŽ™οΈ @DimiterB (@salesforce)
πŸŽ™οΈ @LaurenEmailGeek (@socketlabs)
πŸŽ™οΈ @jainamistry (@litmusapp)

Access the full recording πŸ‘‰ https://lit.ms/3MRLTc2

Top email personalization tactics used by marketers:

πŸ”– Name, company name, or other profile data
πŸ‘₯ Customer segments
πŸ“© Past email interactions
πŸ“ Location or geolocation
πŸ›’ Past purchases or donations

We break down the full 10, latest on our blog ⬇️ https://lit.ms/39rZSGZ

Whodunit? 🧐 We're here to help you solve the case of the missing email.

Determine fact from fiction to crack the case on deliverability successβ€”and learn what to look for ➑️ https://lit.ms/3PafVJQ

Content curation can feel like a cumbersome step that slows down the creation of your email campaigns. But it doesn't have to! πŸ’‘

Think about tapping into your existing resources, like:
πŸ‘₯ Your CRM
πŸ› Product feeds
πŸ›’ Shopper data

Learn more ⬇️ https://lit.ms/37Rm4d6

Re: Your email templates πŸ“ When's the last time you checked and tested yours?

Has your company or brand ever used interactivity in email?

Litmus is trusted by 700,000+ users across companies of all industries and sizes to increase conversions and ROI. Don't take our word for itβ€”read the reviews from our customers on @trustradius πŸ‘‰ https://lit.ms/38hgQY6

Let's crack the case on email deliverability. πŸ”

Our latest guide will help you:
πŸ’‘ Understand deliverability
βœ‰οΈ Identify factors controlled by the sender vs. the ESP
πŸ”€ Avoid unexpected twists in your deliverability strategy

πŸ”—: https://lit.ms/3PafVJQ

It's Mental Health Awareness Month! πŸ’Œ Now is the perfect time to set up a preference center for your email campaigns where subscribers can opt-out of holiday-themed emails that may be painful or triggering (think Mother's Day or Christmas.) #IMLearningFX https://www.litmus.com/blog/email-preferences-center-best-practices/

If you’re not considering email performance through the lens of your broad strategy, you’re missing out on its full potential.

Fact or fiction? Spam trigger words are a thing of the past.

πŸ’₯ Tomorrow at 12pm ET, we're busting deliverability myths and misconceptions with @Yahoo, @salesforce, and @socketlabs.

Save your seat: https://lit.ms/3MRLTc2

Last month's most popular email clients:
1️⃣ Apple
2️⃣ Gmail
3️⃣ Outlook

How about the rest? View the top email clients of April 2022 by webmail, mobile, desktop, and more πŸ‘‡ https://lit.ms/3vYj9ss

THIS WEEK! We're teaming up with @litmusapp, @Salesforce, and @Yahoo this Thursday for a conversation about #email #deliverability. Tune in to ensure your emails have the very best chance of hitting the inbox.

Grab your virtual seat now: https://hubs.li/Q019VxcL0

Ensuring you have the right data is the πŸ”‘ to creating a truly personalized email experience.

Brush up on the fundamentals of data for personalization, latest on our blog πŸ‘‰ https://lit.ms/3ylfXss

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Where is Litmus headquarters?

Litmus headquarters is located at Cambridge, MA.

When was Litmus founded?

Litmus was founded in 2005.

How many employees does Litmus have?

Litmus has 50+ employees.

What is Litmus's core business?

Litmus is Computer Software company.

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