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At Litmus, we know the importance of continuous innovation. By staying in front of industry trends, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions for marketers around the world. With the latest release, simplify your workflow, create more effective emails, and get valuable insights that can inform and improve the results of your other marketing channels—all within one, seamless view.

Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus to make email better and easier than ever, including 9 of the top 10 eCommerce brands, 7 of the top 10 technology companies, and 23 of the top 25 US ad agencies.

Backed by Spectrum Equity, the new, redesigned Litmus makes it easier than ever for teams to quickly organize, build, test, and review emails in one centralized application, streamlining the production process and improving visibility and collaboration.

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This month, ChatGPT and a certain little Outlook bug (now patched) made email headlines.

⚡ Recap the month with the latest happenings from the world of email: https://lit.ms/42T2zsq

Beep boop 🤖 LitBot has entered the chat.

We used AI (or rather, AI used us 🤯) to write this week’s issue of #LitmusWeekly.

➡️ See who hosts next week’s issue and subscribe! https://lit.ms/3IaI2Vt

#EmailGeeks: Have you ever used AI to help write copy for an email campaign? 🤖

To the marketers wearing multiple hats: we see you. 🎩 🧢 👒

🗓️ Plan more efficiently for all your blog, social media, and email marketing needs with our calendar kit—from us and @rockcontent! http://lit.ms/3yj5YCR

Loading... ✨

Loading bars (aka progress bars) depict how much progress has been made toward a goal.

Think of the possibilities for your email campaigns: loyalty points, savings, completion rate, and more!

➡️Learn more: https://lit.ms/3THX1wD

⭐️ Community Spotlight: @samarowais ⭐️

This month, we sat down with Samar Owais (@emailsdoneright). She's a conversion strategist, SaaS and eCommerce industry expert, and—spoiler alert—big K-pop fan.

💌 Get to know Samar, and her email story! https://lit.ms/403dopZ

I don't always have favorite emails, but when I do I share them here with other @litmusapp peeps: https://www.litmus.com/blog/favorite-emails-march-2023/


What works well with these emails? (And what needs love?)

We took a deep dive into emails submitted by @jetbrains, @ConsumerReports, @StandardLifeUK, @FeedingSanDiego, and @AAAnews during Live Email Optimization.

✨ Read the recap by @logansandrock: https://lit.ms/402Y1Oa

🔎 Litmus Community member Alex Robinson has raised this for us: Is anyone else noticing Outlook for Office 365 messing with background colors similarly to Windows Mail?


Last month we hit the road for the @ANAmarketers Email Evolution Conference. 🚗

There was plenty of networking, note-taking, and handing out of plush moose (aka, Litmoose 🦌).

Here are our team’s takeaways from the #ANAEEC! https://lit.ms/3TlH27e

This was fun. Logan and I talked about:

- Why I feel disconnected from the Emails Geeks community
- How I use the process of elimination to make biz decisions
- How being a brown, female, hijab-wearing Muslim, from Pakistan, has helped my career more than it has hindered it. https://twitter.com/logansandrock/status/1635667192812322816

I'm not quite sure how much my posterity will appreciate this, but someone's posterity might. You never know.


“Can we just send another email?” 😐

While you may not have control over the demands placed on your email marketing team, you have full say in how your team gets things done.

✨ Presenting our favorite tools to help you be more nimble with your workflow! http://lit.ms/3yHXvck

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Where is Litmus headquarters?

Litmus headquarters is located at Cambridge, MA.

When was Litmus founded?

Litmus was founded in 2005.

How many employees does Litmus have?

Litmus has 50+ employees.

What is Litmus's core business?

Litmus is Computer Software company.

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