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We are a global company of approximately 38,000 professionals, dedicated to empowering businesses to produce amazing things. Driven by the challenges and opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we’re helping to change how people interact and how companies acquire, analyze and act on data with flexible, intelligent, secure and collaborative solutions built for the next generation of business.

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Lumen wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the diverse cultures & backgrounds of our employees. Meet Helen Thurman. This #AAPIHeritageMonth, Helen is sharing how her heritage has shaped parts of her career & the way she treats others.​ https://bit.ly/39pAqSi

Our customers should have the freedom & ease to keep their data secure online. So? We created a reliable solution. Learn how Lumen Wavelength Services can help you take control of your network and keep your information safe. https://bddy.me/3MI2bnZ

“I don’t see us backing away from fiber investment,” @lumentechco's CTO said at an investor conference this week.


Curious which industries were most affected by DDoS attacks in the 1st quarter of 2022? Our Q1 report is live now. Read to see how your industry may have been impacted by #cyberattacks this past quarter: https://bddy.me/3wvN4Za

#Sustainability is front and center of all our business endeavors. Just this week, our leaders met in Broomfield to discuss our upcoming 2022 Environmental, Social, and Corporate Report. Stay tuned for more updates. ♻🌎

Lumen is committed to furthering human progress through technology. How? Empowering our customers. ​

Learn how we’re delivering sustainable networks to our customers while safeguarding their #privacy. https://bddy.me/3MwckEk

Find out how we can help you bring your team together to create, communicate and collaborate in one continuous workstream. See how we can help you harness an outstanding collaboration experience: https://bddy.me/3liObVT #UCC #collaboration

In today’s #hybridworkforce, timing is everything. 💻📍 When devices can deliver insight in real-time & data can automate decision-making – it can mean the difference between success & failure. Let us help streamline your collaboration with Lumen #Edge. https://bddy.me/3lgkUea

Looking for a tool to help you visualize the distance & latency of your network path? 🗺️👀 Lumen’s Topology Viewer provides an inside look at the Lumen Core Intercity & Metro Wavelength Network. You can try our self-service tool now: https://bddy.me/3LkbtVV #NetworkConnectivity

S/o to these smiling faces that sorted, sized & re-stocked 5.1K pounds of donations alongside @APreciousChild to help 400+ children & caregivers this week.
Here’s to furthering human progress with deeper connections to our #community – and one another.

It’s here! The Lumen Marketplace, a hub for 24/7 support, so you can shop our solutions with ease, like:​

◦ Edge Bare Metal ​
◦ Fiber+ Internet​
◦ DDoS Hyper/Cybersecurity​
◦ More to come!​

Learn more about Lumen solutions here: https://bddy.me/3Ld3R7p

What's #NextGen911? It's a service that helps supports you during real-time, real-life emergencies. This tool lays the foundation for text & video-communication with your #911 providers, thanks to accurate, efficient data supported by Lumen. Learn more: https://bddy.me/3Nd43VL

Our 2022 Q1 DDoS report is officially live! Our security team mitigated over 6,000 cyberattacks in Q1 – that's a 66% increase in interceptions from last quarter! Here's what we learned about the industries most at risk. The full report is live now: http://bddy.me/3wrgwOI

We asked our team how they stay grounded during the workday. Which activity do you connect with? #MentalHealthAtWork

Lumen is powering a smoother streaming experience for the moments that matter most. Learn how we’re working with @DisneyStreaming to drive industry standards for high-quality video #streaming worldwide.
Read more: https://bddy.me/3L9GMCt
#SettingTheStandard #NABShow

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Where is Lumen Technologies headquarters?

Lumen Technologies headquarters is located at Monroe, Louisiana.

When was Lumen Technologies founded?

Lumen Technologies was founded in 1968.

How many employees does Lumen Technologies have?

Lumen Technologies has 50+ employees.

What is Lumen Technologies's core business?

Lumen Technologies is Information Technology & Services company.

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