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Metaplane is the Datadog for data. Our observability platform saves engineering time and increases trust by letting data teams know when things break, what went wrong, and how to fix it — before an executive messages them about a broken dashboard.

We do this by automatically monitoring modern data stacks from warehouses to BI dashboards, identifying normal behavior (e.g. lineage, volumes, distributions, freshness), then alerting the right people when things go wrong.

The company is founded by MIT + HubSpot alums and backed by leading investors and experts from the B2B SaaS community, including Y Combinator, Flybridge, and the founders of Okta, HubSpot, Lookout, Drift, and Clearbit. https://metaplane.dev

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Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions 🤡

#dataengineering #sql #analytics

🔵 or 🔴 ? UI or Code?

Our new Monitors-as-Code feature lets you have a single version-controlled source of truth by configuring monitors directly in your .yml

Did you add or update a model? Great, add monitors in the same PR!

Learn more with our docs: https://bit.ly/42klXxT

Scenes from our company retreat in the faraway land of "Boston" 🫘

Scenes from our company retreat in the faraway land of "Boston" 🫘
Kevin Hu @kevinzenghu

Grateful to be on the same Wavelength™️ with the incredible team at @metaplane (or at least half of them 😛)

The Cloud Data Warehouse and Modern Data Stack industries are growing exponentially. 📈 (thread)

With so many data assets, knowing what to monitor can be challenging. The "blank slate" is real.

Enter Suggested Monitors.

Metaplane leverages lineage, usage, types, and DB structure to ensure your most important data is monitored in the optimal way.


We released our new column-level lineage map last week, which visualizes how data flows through your environment in detail 🔬

Here's a deep dive into how we automatically extract lineage, and the lessons we learned about SQL parsing along the way: https://bit.ly/3JAM5w8

Announcing End-to-End Column-Level Lineage Visualization!

🦅Gain a bird's eye view from ELT to BI
🛑Prevent downstream issues
🔍Diagnose root causes
👀 Ensure comprehensive coverage
💪 Empower colleagues to become data experts

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3TvZOc3

Metaplane has very limited exposure to SVB and will continue to serve our customers without interruption

We will support our peers in the technology ecosystem throughout this difficult time, as well as those in the community who are impacted by this event

Proud to be on a team that SHIPS 🛳️. Our launches this year:

1. Data CI/CD (1/24)
2. Microsoft teams integration (2/14)
3. Power BI integration (2/2)
4. Partition monitors (2/9)
5. Fivetran integration (2/22)
6. Public API (3/1)
7. dbt Core support (3/7)

+ much more to come!

🤖 Simplify Data Observability for dbt Core 🦾

Use our CLI to:

1. Enrich @dbt_labs metadata with end-to-end data lineage
2. Monitor job duration with ML
3. Version control monitors-as-code.

Docs here: https://bit.ly/3yohBbo


Introducing Metaplane’s first public API 🎉

Metaplane is built for data+analytics engineers—and it should work where, when, and how you want to work.

Today you can automatically CRUD monitors, programmatically run them, and retrieve monitor results — all outside of the UI.

➡️ Metaplane is the 1st data observability tool to integrate with @fivetran for end-to-end lineage from ELT to BI! ⬅️

Learn more here 👇
Blog post: https://www.metaplane.dev/blog/fivetran-integration
Docs: https://docs.metaplane.dev/docs/fivetran

Getting tired of folks treating data contracts like they're some sort of political innovation like MF holacracy.

It's an API defined by the data consumers and enforced by integration testing. That's it. Engineers have been doing this for a long time. It's not rocket science.

Same great Metaplane, now with Microsoft Teams! Metaplane works where you work, so all stakeholders can be aware of:

Data incidents ✅
Schema changes ✅
Impact analysis ✅

Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3XxpmWC

#dataengineering #analyticsengineering

Rookies of the year: Jaylen Watson, Isiah Pacheco...Metaplane? 💪

Last week @G2dotcom released their "Best Software Rookies of the Year" ranking, with Metaplane at #8!

TY to our customers and friends who inspire us to build the best data observability platform you can use 🙏

Just unbelievably thrilled to have @transformio and @nick_handel joining forces with dbt Labs. They have great tech, a world class team and have been so active in building the Community.

Join us on March 8th at 11am PT for live demos of the Snowflake-Metaplane-Sigma (SMS) stack.

We’ll show how businesses use @SnowflakeDB, @sigmacomputing uses Metaplane, and @metaplane uses Sigma to deliver trusted data.

RSVP or get recordings here: https://bit.ly/3RIJT9o

Learn how Europe's leading classic car marketplace @carandclassic uses @Metaplane, @Snowflake, and @getdbt to:

1. 10x data performance
2. Save 8 hrs/week from data incidents
3. Ensure trust in data across >100 stakeholders

Case study: https://bit.ly/40EA3K0

How do you maintain velocity as companies scale? 🏎

@SpotOn grew to >2500 employees in just a few years.

With @SnowflakeDB, @dbt_labs, and @metaplane they were able to scale while reducing time to actionable data by 6x!

Read more: https://bit.ly/3Ju7rwD

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Where is Metaplane headquarters?

Metaplane headquarters is located at Boston, MA.

When was Metaplane founded?

Metaplane was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Metaplane have?

Metaplane has 40-49 employees.

What is Metaplane's core business?

Metaplane is Computer Software company.

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