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MURAL is the leading provider of digital workspaces for guided visual collaboration. Different from online whiteboarding and design software, the MURAL® platform transforms teamwork by making meetings and workshops interactive experiences that are designed for problem solving, play, and imagination. Teams in product, consulting, leadership, innovation, technology, and sales and customer success, among others, innovate, strategize, plan, and reflect using MURAL’s visual thinking canvas. The platform provides hundreds of visual methods, or templates, as well as Facilitation Superpowers™ features to guide teams through especially complex, difficult teamwork. Tens of thousands of teams at companies such as IBM, Intuit, Facebook, Publicis Sapient, USAA, SAP, Thoughtworks, and Atlassian, as well as MURAL’s other customers, use the platform to foster inclusive, imaginative teamwork and turn shared ideas into a shared reality—at any time and from anywhere. Start your free forever workspace at mural.co

MURAL is headquartered in San Francisco and employs over 600 people working across six time zones around the world like Buenos Aires, Atlanta, and across Europe.

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Onboarding in a hybrid world is challenging, but it's a challenge that employers must get right or they'll soon be doing it again.

These templates will help employees hit the ground running and become lifelong champions of the company and brand. https://community.mural.co/discussion/1807/lets-talk-about-onboarding-template-tuesday/p1?new=1

With @thetalake and Mural, collaboration meets compliance in a simple and seamless experience.

Collaboration is for everyone. 💥

There's a lot more to multimodal #literacies than creation/communication! Visual representation is a powerful way to navigate complexity. Using tools like @Mural helps Ss engage in literary sensemaking, organize ideas, & structure their writing. #TeamEnglish #elachat #engchat

A structured, thoughtful project kickoff can start things on the right path for everyone involved.

Set your team up for success and prepare for your next meeting using Mural's templates and tips. 👇 https://bit.ly/3nfa8cm

How are you doing today? If you're looking for a quick and fun way to check in with your team, we've got you covered- this "Emotions Map" will keep your team balanced.

🧠: http://bit.ly/40pP8xU

Join us for an interactive, introductory webinar about using mind maps to:

✨ Spark creativity
👊 Improve problem solving
✍️ Communicate your ideas visually

Sign up! https://bit.ly/3TaQbPQ

What's new with Mural? 🌟 This month's updates make it easier to annotate and present from Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and more. Check out all the latest product launches here 👇 https://updates.mural.co/?utm_medium=organic-social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=newsletter-march-2023

Today we at @health_cascade hosting a #needsassessment w/ key players in the #cocreation community.

We worked with them in an online @Mural workshop to identify the 3Ts: Training, Tools & Technologies!

Keep an eye on our #social media channels for the outcomes!

Identifying pain points just got easier 🙌 Visualize feedback and uncover customer needs using several of Mural's most helpful templates 🔽 https://www.mural.co/blog/identify-user-pain-points

Meet anywhere in the world in an easier way. ✨ Start your next sync with an icebreaker from the Mural template library 🌏 https://bit.ly/3YL7Wqr

Join Mural's Sasha Rappaport for an interactive webinar that will help you use mind maps to spark creativity, improve problem-solving, and communicate your ideas visually. Save your seat! https://bit.ly/3TaQbPQ

By creating a stakeholder map, you’ll be able to consider how all the stages of development for your product relate to the people on your team, in your organization, and beyond your company. https://www.mural.co/blog/stakeholder-mapping

From @lailavona: "Collaboration does not come naturally. It must be taught—through workflows and guided methods developed from human-centered design, Agile and Lean."

Read the recap from Laila and @WoutHermans's recent workshop in Zurich at @IxDA: https://community.mural.co/discussion/1773/icymi-why-we-must-all-become-collaboration-designers-with-laila-von-alvensleben/p1?new=1

Through their Mar. 9 interactive webinar, Catherine Collins of @ideaswithmoxie and Nagela Dales of OpenHouse will help us create more thoughtful collaboration in everyday work.

Their recent AMA walks through the template that inspires the session: https://bit.ly/3F3fqxE

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Where is MURAL headquarters?

MURAL headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was MURAL founded?

MURAL was founded in 2011.

How many employees does MURAL have?

MURAL has 50+ employees.

What is MURAL's core business?

MURAL is Internet company.

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