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Peerspace is your little black book for finding unique and undiscovered places to meet, create, or celebrate. With thousands to choose from, our online marketplace opens the door to all types of spaces at all price points – from lofts and mansions to storefronts and studios. Whether it’s a photo shoot, birthday bash, pop-up shop, or team brainstorm, Peerspace gives people the keys to our cities’ best spaces. By showcasing and making their space available to an audience of millions, Peerspace makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to earn extra income from their space.

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From elevated photoshoots to elegant dinner parties, there is a Peerspace for every need in Paris.

Explore spaces near you: http://peerspace.com

The perfect stage for an album release party.

πŸ”Ž Open Floor Studio, Natural Light in West Hollywood
πŸ“Los Angeles, CA

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/615b1ff61d8fdb000d9d2a10

β€œWe believe that every creative project deserves a beautiful and inspiring space.” Meet Dan + Ish: Wedding photographers, dynamic couple, and Peerspace hosts.

Learn more about their partnership and explore their stunning studios here: http://peerspace.com/blog/spotlight-dan-and-ish

Find a space that elevates your next gathering.

πŸ”Ž Bright and Spacious Natural Light Design Loft - Manhattan
πŸ“ New York, NY

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/61b0f4c0bdb172000d2f9580

Life moves by quickly, don't forget to capture the moment.

Explore spaces near you: http://peerspace.com

A pop of color in every room will transport your dinner party guests.

πŸ”Ž Stunning Spanish Oasis in the Desert
πŸ“ Palm Springs, CA

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/63ea6cf715ca84000e0fb820

For all of life's biggest moments.

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/61aedcdabdb172000d2f220f

Chicago event planner Sahr K. loves bringing her clients' creative visions to life.

Learn more about how she found the perfect venue for a romantic proposal on Peerspace: http://peerspace.com/blog/spotlight-sahr-k

We'll bring the backgrounds, you bring the creative vision.

πŸ”Ž Violet 7 Studios - Downtown Large Photo & Video Studio
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/6377fffbd6990c00223849e2

An event space that flexes to fit your needs.

πŸ”Ž Mediterranean Summer Inspired Venue in St Kilda
πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia

Explore this space: http://peerspace.com/pages/listings/635faa59ab68cd000ef41775

Change the vibe with the press of a button.

πŸ”Ž Modern Photo/Video Studio | Cyclorama, Green Screen and Seamless Backdrop
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Explore this space: https://l8r.it/nHKY

Unforgettable moments in black and white.

Find a space near you: https://l8r.it/49pK

Create an extraordinary moment.

πŸ”Ž Production + Photo/Film Studio in Arts District
πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

Explore this space: https://l8r.it/JIhH

Look at life from a new angle.

Find a space near you: http://peerspace.com

Brighten your day with a bit of monochrome.

Find a space near you: http://peerspace.com

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Where is Peerspace headquarters?

Peerspace headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Peerspace founded?

Peerspace was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Peerspace have?

Peerspace has 50+ employees.

What is Peerspace's core business?

Peerspace is Consumer Services company.

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