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Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, MA. Founded out of MIT in 2013, Superpedestrian develops technologies for micro-electric vehicles that optimize safety, reliability, and performance.

Superpedestrian spent over 4 years developing its proprietary Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), which was first introduced in the company’s consumer product, the Copenhagen Wheel. Since 2018, Superpedestrian has focused its efforts on engineering and validating its new electric scooter for shared fleets. In 2020, the company launched its vehicles under the brand name LINK.

Featuring the mature VIS platform, Superpedestrian’s fleet scooter can detect and protect against more than 100 common malfunctions. This platform of embedded computers and cloud software enables Superpedestrian’s scooters to autonomously protect from damage during and between rides. Within nanoseconds, the scooters can detect potential problems such as battery fires, short circuits, or failed brakes, and take corrective action to avert damage.

Vehicle Intelligence prevents over 50% of issues that would cause other scooters to fail, and streamlines operations if issues arise. If the scooter can’t protect itself, it automatically becomes unavailable for rental and generates a detailed service ticket for repair. The result is a substantial improvement in vehicle safety for scooter riders and major cost savings for fleet operators.

Superpedestrian is re-engineering micromobility, one vehicle at a time.

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Looks like @Superpedestrian also launched scooters in @CityofBerkeley today!!

Scooters from @Superpedestrian and @VeoRideMobility are making their debut in Berkeley today. They’re the city’s first permitted micromobility operators https://www.berkeleyside.org/2022/05/17/berkeleys-micromobility-scooter-veo-spin-link

So stoked for @Superpedestrian’s launch today!

Micromobility is a critical component of the @CityofBerkeley’s climate action goals.

To free our cities from the tyranny of cars, we need more options to get around & the infrastructure to support #modalshift.

Take an adaptive scooter for a ride tomorrow at the MOPD Field Office! Adaptive scooters with a seated option will be available thanks to @limebike, @ridespin, and @superpedestrian.

Register: https://forms.office.com/g/5tbGfKhGvR

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/3gwg44U65

#mobility #accessibility

We joined the Shared Mobility 2030 Action Agenda to help make equitable, clean, #SharedMobility more convenient, accessible, and affordable than owning a car. Let's move forward together! 🛴

Learn more here ➡️ https://sharedmobility2030.org/join-us

La vicepresidenta de @Superpedestrian, Haya Douidri (@DouidriHaya) y el director general de @Fundacion_ONCE, José Luis Martínez Donoso, han firmado un #ConvenioInserta para fomentar la inclusión de personas con #discapacidad en la compañía de movilidad. https://twitter.com/Fundacion_ONCE/status/1526526708073041923

What an incredible year serving Hartford! 🎉

Thank you to the @HartfordCourant for this awesome piece. 🛴 Read more below! ⬇ https://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-news-link-scooters-one-year-20220506-amgqf6wkzvdjpoiwaf2yfpiyqi-story.html

Calling all #transit + #micromobility nerds — come work with me!

My team at @Superpedestrian is hiring a Jr. PM for Data Integrations. Great opportunity to go deep on GBFS, MDS, and the data that make 🛴 work for cities.


New roadmap reveals how cities can better integrate #scooters with public transit

“It’s really about having more options for people and offering a lifestyle that you can get without having to own a car.”

👉 https://cities-today.com/industry/new-roadmap-reveals-how-cities-can-better-integrate-scooters-with-public-transit/

@Superpedestrian #micromobility #MaaS

We're honored to continue to serve the @CityofSeattle community! 🎉

Thank you @seattledot for being such terrific partners. 🛴

Three companies receive new Seattle scooter-share permits: Link (by @Superpedestrian), @limebike & @BirdRide. The companies will be allowed to deploy up to 2,000 electric scooters each. https://bit.ly/3PkrC0Q #electricscooter

New report examines how Pittsburgh’s 50 mobility hubs successfully foster scooter integration, helping the city achieve mobility and climate goals.

👉 https://cities-today.com/industry/new-roadmap-reveals-how-cities-can-better-integrate-scooters-with-public-transit/

@Superpedestrian @Pittsburgh #transit #MaaS #mobility #micromobility

The time to act is now to ensure #cycling is made a priority in the #NewUrbanAgenda — more on yesterday's great #RideNUA bike ride & discussion: https://www.itdp.org/2022/04/28/riding-into-a-new-urban-agenda/

Thank you to @UNHABITAT @TransAlt @NYC_DOT @CitiBikeNYC @urban_pathways @UNRSC @UN_RSF @Superpedestrian!

Better integration between rental e-scooter schemes and public transport systems is key to reducing car journeys, according to a new report by @Superpedestrian https://www.moveelectric.com/e-scooters/superpedestrian-calls-better-public-transport-and-e-scooter-integration

What is the key to the future of micromobility? City & policy leaders agree that it's transit integration. 🔑

Our newest @Cities_Today report on the integration of transit & micromobility is officially live on our site!

Link in bio! 🔗

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Where is Superpedestrian headquarters?

Superpedestrian headquarters is located at Cambridge, MA.

When was Superpedestrian founded?

Superpedestrian was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Superpedestrian have?

Superpedestrian has 50+ employees.

What is Superpedestrian's core business?

Superpedestrian is Consumer Services company.

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