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Perdoo is the OKR software used by 2000+ ambitious organizations to execute strategy and drive 10x growth. It’s all the tools and expert coaching you need to realize growth and turn strategy into results.

As you scale, it’s essential to focus your efforts. Competition continues to get fiercer. Employees struggle to understand company strategy. Growth targets are missed.

With Perdoo, you’ll rally your entire organization around your strategy and growth ambitions to consistently deliver results that matter. Visually connect your goals to the strategy they support. Track real-time progress toward targets, and know what’s being worked on if they’re missed. Beyond the software, Perdoo’s expert coaching and industry-leading resources set your OKRs and KPIs up for maximum impact.

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Performance Reviews are an important part of managing a team and ensuring they feel and do well at work.

We'll cover all the basics you need to know about working with and getting the most out of Performance Reviews.

#performancereviews #appraisals #hr

Every organization needs a strategy. Yet, strategy is widely misunderstood, and therefore also misused.

Wondering what the criteria for a good strategy are? Here's our take on what makes a good strategy.

#strategy #businessstrategy


Only 23% of employees strongly agree they get the right amount of recognition for their work. Yet so many organizations still neglect this or struggle to create an effective recognition culture.

Here are 4 simple steps to get you started 🙌


What makes a good OKR coach? by @PerdooHQ

An OKR coach is a key resource to ensuring your OKR program is successful and healthy. But what makes a good OKR coach? Let’s find out.



📱🤖Here is the List of Best #OKR #Software Of 2023💻⚡️

@profit_co @PerdooHQ @workteam_hr @quantive_inc @TwiserApp @MooncampHQ @DevokrNet @peopleboxai @weekdone

Cc: @_javelynn_


Disengaged employees can have a compounding negative impact on your business. Understanding how employees feel should be your top priority.

How do you keep tabs on employee morale and engagement? The answer is frequent Pulse Surveys. #EmployeeEngagement

I like this quote from the "Empowered teams built on OKR" podcast

"I think all software is a point of view that's been frozen into code."



As we bid 2022 farewell, here are Perdoo's best product releases of the year. ✨

📈 Pulse surveys
🙌 Kudos
🤝 Shared goals (OKRs & KPIs)
📊 Multiple KPI boards
🪞 Reflections in Check-ins
+ more!

And get a glimpse of what’s in the pipeline 👇


Employees that feel valued at work are committed to going above and beyond to help their organization succeed.

What does it mean to value your people? How do you create a work environment where people feel appreciated?


#employeeappreciation #HR

Disengaged employees can have a compounding negative impact on your business. No one wants that!

So, how do you keep tabs on employee morale and engagement? The answer is frequent Pulse Surveys. Here's how they work.

#PulseSurvey #EmployeeEngagement


So, what are OKRs?

Objectives are what you’re setting out to achieve.

Key Results are the measurable benchmarks that show you whether you’ve achieved your objectives.

Initiatives are the specific tasks you’ll do to achieve your key results.

h/t (image) @PerdooHQ

OKR is an iterative process. You may not get it right in the beginning. And that's fine! You learn, adapt, and implement accordingly.

Hear it from Vlad Filippov, CEO of Spark Equation. Tune in to learn all about their learnings and experience with OKR.🎧


It's almost 2023. And many leaders are considering implementing OKR. To those leaders: note that there are different approaches to rolling out OKR.

Each approach has pros and cons, but there's one approach in particular that works the best results.


Tired of hearing about the benefits of OKR for businesses? We get it! Let's talk about what YOU can achieve by using OKR.

Use this real example from Perdoo to help you become a master problem-solver. And learn how it will impact your career growth 📈 #okr

Silos have a detrimental impact on organization-wide creativity and alignment. But how do you identify siloed behavior? And how do you combat it?

Let's understand silos better and learn what it takes to break them. Here's how 👇

#silos #goals #okr #kpi


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Where is Perdoo headquarters?

Perdoo headquarters is located at Berlin.

When was Perdoo founded?

Perdoo was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Perdoo have?

Perdoo has 20-29 employees.

What is Perdoo's core business?

Perdoo is Information Technology & Services company.

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