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Over the past decade we have transformed into a focused leader in health technology.

At Philips, our purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. We aim to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030, including 400 million in underserved communities.

We see healthcare as a connected whole. Helping people to live healthily and prevent disease. Giving clinicians the tools they need to make a precision diagnosis and deliver personalized treatment. Aiding the patient’s recovery at home in the community. All supported by a seamless flow of data.

As a technology company, we – and our brand licensees – innovate for people with one consistent belief: there’s always a way to make life better.

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Health is a fundamental human right, but many can't access the vital health services they need. Public and private sector collaboration plays a vital role in realizing global health equity. http://to.philips/6011z3Ja7

#WEF22 #HealthforAll #PhilipsPerspectives

Staff shortages and staff burnout are growing challenges for healthcare providers worldwide. Could AI be part of the solution? http://to.philips/6013zMnFR

#PHSSR will be conducted as part of @hrbireland funded #RESTORE project, while several other countries are being supported by @AstraZeneca @philips to conduct the research. These partnerships will promote dissemination, while driving evidence-based policy https://twitter.com/TCDhpm/status/1526117829040300032

Future #healthcare systems must be better for patients & the planet. Moving towards a circular model of make-use-return rather than take-make-dispose is critical to creating a healthier tomorrow. Learn more about circularity: http://to.philips/6017zztPS


Today is International Nurse's Day. We asked our followers: what are the biggest issues facing nurses around the world today? The results likely come as little surprise to #healthcare practitioners. What can we do to change it? http://to.philips/6019zJjwf

#IND2022 #Nurses2022

For digital transformation in healthcare to be successful, it needs to address these seven success factors. Which ones would you add? http://to.philips/6015zytQ9

47% of healthcare professionals feel burned out according to a 2022 Medscape survey. Can AI help ease the burden? Find out more: http://to.philips/6015zHA6h

What if we could predict potential bottlenecks in patient flow in real-time and prevent them before they occur? Could predictive analytics give hospital leaders the ability to anticipate and adapt? http://to.philips/6010z1Jca

#digitalhealth #healthcare

Staff shortages and staff burnout are growing challenges for healthcare providers worldwide. Could AI be part of the solution? http://to.philips/6013zB0p5

Can we innovate our technologies in ways that help combat health disparities? Find out how Philips is working to ensure people everywhere can access the vital cardiovascular care they need: http://to.philips/6017zB0pZ

Uniting patient data from disparate sources in dashboards is changing how we collaboratively diagnose and treat oncology and radiology patients. That's why we think that data integration is one of the most significant #healthcare trends this year.

People suffering from heart disease often don’t realize it until too late. How is Philips helping make early and affordable cardiovascular care available where it’s most needed? http://to.philips/6018Kh8x2

In Deeptha Khanna's @wef op-ed, she explores how integrating dental insurance into universal healthcare could increase access to care for patients. Read more: http://to.philips/6019KhOzD

What separates successful digital transformation initiatives in healthcare from less successful ones?
Find out more: http://to.philips/6011Kh8xv

We're saying goodbye to the old ways of 'take-make-dispose' and working to embed circularity in all we do. This #WorldEarthDay, learn more about how we've committed to #InvestInOurPlanet: http://to.philips/6017K7gov

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Where is Philips headquarters?

Philips headquarters is located at Amsterdam, Noord-Holland.

When was Philips founded?

Philips was founded in 1891.

How many employees does Philips have?

Philips has 50+ employees.

What is Philips's core business?

Philips is Hospital & Health Care company.

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