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Precise Software Solutions, Inc. (Precise), an SBA 8(a) innovative small business based in Rockville, Maryland with a proven record of success delivering quality services and solutions to government organizations. A CMMI Level 3 company, Precise serves as a trusted advisor to senior technology executives and helps government agencies enhance and expand their information technology capabilities. We are known for delivering agile and innovative solutions and specializes in strategic consulting, system modernization and integration, digital transformation and experience, infrastructure and cloud implementation, and data management and analytics.

Precise has developed an “intentional culture” practice wherein employees participate in an ongoing discussion about what kind of culture they want to experience when they come to work and how they can take responsibility for closing gaps between the idealized culture they imagine and the actual culture they experience each day. We actively weave intentionality into every aspect of our work so it will drive and inform a healthy, productive work environment.

The Precise Leadership Team is intentional about setting the tone from the top, playing an active role in supporting the company culture and leading by example to promote an open and supportive work environment. Check out our unique employee engagement activities: https://precise-soft.com/careers

We bring performance excellence, agility, and innovation to help advance our clients’ mission.

To be a model of innovation and impact with the happiest employees, the most satisfied clients, and a community that is better off for our presence.

1. Create possibility.
2. Innovate from the inside out.
3. Have fun.
4. Promote radical candor.
5. Avoid surprises.
6. Practice generosity.
7. Take ownership and be accountable
8. Be a contribution.
9. Keep it simple.

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Where is PreciseST headquarters?

PreciseST headquarters is located at Rockville, MD.

When was PreciseST founded?

PreciseST was founded in 2003.

How many employees does PreciseST have?

PreciseST has 50+ employees.

What is PreciseST's core business?

PreciseST is Information Technology & Services company.

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