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RenoFi offers opportunities for home equity loans for homeowners who plan to start renovating their primary residence soon. These loans are also ideal if you want to tap into the future value of your home after renovations to secure the funding you need. You will have higher borrowing power without having to wait several years for enough equity to build up in your home to qualify for a loan.

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Not sure where to start?

The RenoFi calculator is one of the best tools to help figure out your borrowing power when it comes to your homes renovation.

Link in bio or http://calculator.renofi.com

Sometimes it just takes a few changes to make all the difference.


So how does RenoFi actually get your ARV to determine your loan amount?

We're so glad you asked.

Before applying for a renovation loan with any lender, you’ll be required to order an “as-completed” appraisal, which will determine your property’s ARV.

This home in Denver, CO is one of the most recent properties getting ready for a reno-vation. The transformation is going to be amazing.

There is some unused space in the home that this RenoFi Family is going to utilize for extra square footage.

Officially 🚧 Under Construction

(1/5) This chart shows how much the monthly cost of a #mortgage has skyrocketed in the last year. Right now, to use a coined phrase from our favorite #HGTV show - “listing it” is going to cost much more than “loving it”.

What would you do with extra space?
⭕ Build a master suite
⭕ Space to entertain
⭕ Kids playroom
⭕ Home office

... most of these options are on RenoFi Clients lists & most of the time, we can make them all happen - in one shot!

📍Clients in Mechanicsburg, PA

We don't like to brag (... who are we kidding, yes we do!), but our lenders can offer lower fees, lower rates and more flexible terms all while working with a free to you, RenoFi Advisor all in the comfort of your home.

... sold yet?

So grateful for every one that comes to RenoFi to discuss their renovation financing options. Another 5 star review in - you could be the next!

Round 3 in city based pre-approved ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) - San Jose, California.

An ADU will add value to your home; the exact increase in value depends on the local market and the size and design of your ADU.

Some of the #RenoFi team have been meeting in Portugal this week working on some new and existing products.

Today we announced our newest fixed - rate loan -- providing 100% of the funds, as much as $500,000, directly to the homeowner at the time of closing.

(1/1) Let's breakdown how a RenoFi Loan works!

RenoFi Loans come in several different varieties (listed above).

RenoFi provides lenders with our Renovation Underwriting services. These services include a thorough review of the renovation project cost and scope,...

From the entire RenoFi Family, we wish you a happy Memorial Day. We are so thankful to those who have served our country, both past and present.


Curb Appeal can make a huge difference in your home - while you're there and if you ever decide to take out a loan or sell.

Renovations have not been immune to the price hikes that have been going on. Here are some quick Reno-vation cost cutting swaps that might serve you well as you plan.

These RenoFi clients from Wallingford, PA found the best way to provide function in a home they loved was to flip their kitchen around. From eating area to cooking station - they knew they didn't want to move, so they came to RenoFi!

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Where is RenoFi headquarters?

RenoFi headquarters is located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When was RenoFi founded?

RenoFi was founded in 2018.

How many employees does RenoFi have?

RenoFi has 50+ employees.

What is RenoFi's core business?

RenoFi is Financial Services company.

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