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The world’s top apps use RevenueCat to build, analyze, and grow subscriptions on iOS, Android, and the web.

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If you're going to be at Amplify this week and want to chat about IAPs, our @Amplitude_HQ integration, or want stickers to turn your laptop into a RevenueCat billboard, stop by booth B2 and say hi!

💰 Implementing in-app subscriptions is notoriously difficult.

With the RevenueCat Firebase Extension, it's now easier than ever to manage in-app purchases and subscriptions, and sell your digital goods on the App or Play Store.

🧩 Get this Extension → https://goo.gle/3z44qhJ

Apple has recently halted card payments in India to comply with local regulations around subscriptions.

RevenueCat will continue to function as usual but you should expect more card failures and most likely lower transaction volume through India. https://9to5mac.com/2022/05/05/apple-credit-debit-cards-india/

Last week, our team was in Mountain View for Google I/O, learning about new subscription features and the updated Play Console.

Here are the changes you need to know about 👇

There's plenty to love about @RevenueCat, but these days I am really enjoying their @SubClubHQ podcast and amazing forum, where I am getting excellent tips to grow @themenuplanapp . And nope, this is note a sponsored tweet 🙂

So what can you do with our new Firebase extension?

🔥 Trigger Firebase Listeners based on real-time purchase events
📈 Track lifecycle events with Google Analytics for Firebase
🔐 Authenticate entitlements across platforms with Firebase Auth


We're hosting Office Hours later today about funding options for app businesses. We'll cover:

•Pros and cons of various models
•Metrics investors care about
•Expectations investors have
•How to prepare for funding

There's still time to sign up 👇


Say hello to our new Firebase extension 🔥😻

Easily deploy in-app purchases, sync purchase data to Firestore, send events to Google Analytics, and more. Check it out here https://firebase.google.com/products/extensions/revenuecat-firestore-revenuecat-purchases

See you in NYC next week! If you’ll be in town and want to meet up, DMs are open. https://twitter.com/apppromotion/status/1523695975197732865

Are you a subscription app using or wanting to use Braintree for web payments? We’d love to ask you a few questions and chat about our payment provider roadmap. DMs are open!

Whether you’re bootstrapping or spending down your Series A, a little extra cash can go a long way. Next Friday we’ll be chatting with @ncsh, @CrowXU, and @Tylertringas about the many options for funding your subscription app. https://app.livestorm.co/revenuecat/funding-options-for-subscription-apps?type=detailed

I wrote about some words about @RevenueCat’s React Native SDK can now be used with @expo’s Managed Workflow 🤝

Also fun fact… Expo uses @FastlaneTools when it builds the iOS apps 😁 https://twitter.com/RevenueCat/status/1519371127977615362

Is your React Native app built with Expo? Are you thinking of using Expo for your next app?

Well, you can now use RevenueCat with @expo's Managed Workflow for in-app purchases 😺


From Stripe 2021 business review: "We now handle more than 500 million API requests every day"

If you'd like to work at an earlier stage developer oriented company, handling a few more requests per day, I might know the perfect place for you 😻

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Where is RevenueCat headquarters?

RevenueCat headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was RevenueCat founded?

RevenueCat was founded in 2017.

How many employees does RevenueCat have?

RevenueCat has 50+ employees.

What is RevenueCat's core business?

RevenueCat is Computer Software company.

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