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Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft is the one place for sellers to execute all of their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win. Thousands of the world’s most successful sales teams, like those at IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco, drive more revenue with Salesloft. For more information visit salesloft.com.

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Heading to #dreamforce2022? So are we! Join us and @Drift for happy hour. Drinks, some snacks, and of course, great conversations. https://bit.ly/3UmqM6g

When the prospect tells you they already have a vendor... #sales

You already know this but... @Salesloft and LeanData go together like peanut butter 🥜 and jelly 🍇.

Within your LeanData flow, orchestrate every prospect interaction by automatically adding leads and contacts into your Salesloft Cadences.

Learn more ➡️ https://bit.ly/3D9PiBc

What is one thing you would like to change about the world of sales?

Hello from @HubSpot's #inbound2022! Pictured here with our friends from @G2dotcom 👋

Winning companies are running Revenue R&D just like they run Product R&D. Join @ABMLA1 and @ChrisWalker171, CEO and Founder of @refinelabs TOMORROW at 11 am PT for a discussion on revenue engine innovation and optimization. https://bit.ly/3cVROAq

Old-school guided selling is out & Salesloft Rhythm is in! Rhythm is an #AI powered signal-to-action engine that’s going to transform the way an entire profession operates. It’s unlike anything else on the market today and it’s coming in 2023. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3qiKAtu

Your revenue targets aren’t changing, but the world around you is.

Salesloft CMO, Lauren Vaccarello, will be at @SaaStrAnnual next week — sharing secrets for optimizing your process, nailing handoffs, and increasing efficiency all the way through implementation. #saastrannual

CRM Sync for @Microsoft Dynamics 365 is here! With this integration, Salesloft can automatically sync everything back to the Dynamics 365 CRM so you can build a strong pipeline and easily analyze which actions lead to the best revenue outcomes: https://bit.ly/3R5T3M2

CRM Sync for @HubSpot is live! 👏 All the critical touch points that take place within Salesloft will be automatically logged into HubSpot. Plus shared Activities helps improve seller visibility and unlock better reporting in HubSpot. ✨ Learn more: https://bit.ly/3cmhfuv

Introducing Salesloft Coaching: Our latest innovation is the first of its kind. Sales managers get a 360° view in one place of how their reps are performing against their goals across multiple channels and activities.✨Learn more: https://bit.ly/3wqoU1M

Customers, games, great knowledge, groovy music and smart people. Killer combo Saleslove22! @SalesLoft
#saleslove22 #salescorrespondent #Sales #Salesloft

At #Saleslove22? Swing by our booth to talk all things #salesenablement and explore our new integration with @Salesloft.

Ashley Welch of @Somersaultus talks about customer-centric selling... She quotes @frankcdale - "It's hard to sell today. Sellers end up working for the tech vs. for the customer." Salesloft makes it easier to stay customer-centric because the tech is working for you. #Saleslove22

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Where is Salesloft headquarters?

Salesloft headquarters is located at Atlanta, GA.

When was Salesloft founded?

Salesloft was founded in 2011.

How many employees does Salesloft have?

Salesloft has 50+ employees.

What is Salesloft's core business?

Salesloft is Computer Software company.

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