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SugarCRM is how marketing, sales, and service teams finally get a clear picture of each customer’s journey, without getting all the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRMs.

For too long, companies have been stuck with high-maintenance CRMs that require too much manual entry to be useful or offer too little functionality to actually get the job done. It’s time to let the platform do the work. And that means three things: no blind spots, no busy work, and no roadblocks. Only SugarCRM brings this approach to achieving high-definition customer experience.

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By anticipating and meeting customer needs through data, #tourism companies can create an exceptional #CustomerExperience that delights as people start to embrace travel again. 🛩

Learn how SugarCRM can help! https://sgrcrm.co/3M7uP4H #CRM

[Watch] Meet Williston Financial Group!

In this video, they share the story of how SugarCRM helped them realize their real estate vision of delivering an outstanding #CustomerExperience.

https://sgrcrm.co/3K0Jdc7 #CRM

#SugarSell's AI core helps your business drive better predictability and performance by analyzing customer data and compiling it to external data sources.

Here's a list of the features that will help your sales teams with strategic #forecasting.

https://sgrcrm.co/40RsCyh #CRM

The Yoxel Signals plugin lets you build effective engagement platforms for revenue and customer care teams by delivering signals from SugarCRM within Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Workspace, and Webex.

Learn more: https://sgrcrm.co/3M5fql8 #CRM #SugarOutfitters #CX

“Sellers spend more time in their #CRM than any other tool. Anything we can do to fill their CRM with insights that can help them close is a win.” -Jason Rushforth, SugarCRM

https://sgrcrm.co/42N7eMm via @KMWorldMagazine #CX #marketing

Our AI-driven #CRM platform is being leveraged by New Zealand fuel specialist Fern Energy to drive greater #automation and efficiency! 🇳🇿

Learn more: https://sgrcrm.co/40QcJYL #CX

The sales-i plugin for SugarCRM provides you with specific insights on the trends between your organization and your customer.

sales-i integrates with Sugar to bring heavyweight #sales analytics to Sugar customers. 💪

Learn more: https://sgrcrm.co/3lSta8b #CRM

Our #1 strategy for reducing #CustomerChurn?

You must get serious about #CustomerExperience processes and data collection.

Here's how a #CRM can help you do it. ⬇️ https://sgrcrm.co/3G6BnN8

Sugar’s promise? We make the hard things easier. With improvements coming in the Q2 2023 release, we’re doing just that! Save the date! https://sgrcrm.co/40LejLJ 

#CRM #marketing #sales #CX

SugarCRM lower total cost of ownership by up to 32% compared to Salesforce, while delivering similar functionality, @NucleusResearch report finds.

Download this report to learn why customers are choosing @SugarCRM over Salesforce. ⬇️

https://sgrcrm.co/3nlRi3q #CRM

Since the start of the 2020s, we've seen how #AI, virtual reality, and the Metaverse enhance customer experiences and take them on new, exciting journeys. 🤩

Here's how to leverage this tech to craft a great #CX.

https://sgrcrm.co/3JP3CAU #CRM

Your customers expect the most from you, and that means delivering continuous service.

Enabling your road warriors with a mobile #CRM helps them stay connected and take your business processes everywhere!

https://sgrcrm.co/3KhBBDw #CX

If you’re looking to open more customer service channels without breaking the bank, look no further!

We want to help you give your customers the freedom to engage with you where, when, and how they want.

Here's how. 👇

https://sgrcrm.co/40KPdMZ #CRM #marketing #CX

The Web Form Integrator for SugarCRM provides seamless web form/website integration with Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, or Sugar Enterprise, enabling you to access data simply and quickly. ⚡

Learn more: https://sgrcrm.co/3M1eNcf #CRM #SugarOutfitters #CX

From boosting cybersecurity measures to improving environmental sustainability to increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies, the Australian utility industry is currently facing a plethora of challenges.

https://sgrcrm.co/3JSvqo8 #CRM #CX

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Where is SugarCRM headquarters?

SugarCRM headquarters is located at Cupertino, CA.

When was SugarCRM founded?

SugarCRM was founded in 2004.

How many employees does SugarCRM have?

SugarCRM has 50+ employees.

What is SugarCRM's core business?

SugarCRM is Information Technology & Services company.

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