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Visible is an investor reporting platform used by company founders across the globe. Wow your investors with professional updates that combine key business data with narrative insight. Leverage and engage your existing investors, find new investors, and nurture potential investors using Visible.

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When things get tough, you should be sharing more and more often with your investors

Do not try to hide your challenges or failures. The best founders are transparent and vulnerable in bad times

Your investors will back you even more if they feel your vulnerability

Honestly, not sure how founders fundraise without @VisibleVC.

πŸ‘‹ Hey founders β€” we’re putting together content on founder-friendly investors. Drop a name below if you have an investor you want to be recognized!

Did you miss our webinar with @dunkhippo33 of @HustleFundVC yesterday? We've got you covered.

Check out the recording here: https://visible.vc/blog/webinar-recap-data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

(and a few of our favorite takeaways below)

We are going live at 2pm EST today. Save your spot here: https://visible.vc/blog/data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

Elizabeth Yin, @dunkhippo33, of @HustleFundVC is joining us at 2pm EST tomorrow to chat about all things data rooms.

We hope to see you there! You can save your spot here: https://visible.vc/blog/data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

Not sure how to build out your startup's data room? Join us and @dunkhippo33 of @HustleFundVC on January 24th as we discuss all things early-stage data rooms.

Save your spot here: https://visible.vc/blog/data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

Elizabeth Yin (@dunkhippo33) of @HustleFundVC is joining us on January 24th to discuss all things data rooms.

@HustleFundVC paces to ~100 investments a year so it's safe to say Elizabeth has seen her fair share of data rooms. Save your spot here:https://visible.vc/blog/data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

In case you need a hand figuring out how to build and structure your data room, be sure to check out our webinar later this month with @dunkhippo33 of @HustleFundVC

Save your spot here --> https://visible.vc/blog/data-rooms-elizabeth-yin/

My friends at @VisibleVC just launched Data Rooms on @ProductHunt. Check it out! You can now manage every part of your fundraising funnel with Visible. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/visible-data-rooms cc: @MikePreuss

Visible data rooms are live! You can now use Visible for every aspect of your fundraise. Combine documents, files, Visible Updates, Decks, and Dashboards to manage your due diligence. Learn more below:

there is a strong correlation with well-written, regular investor updates & having a successful run with your startup

because you're a doer, you know how to prioritize & present things, and you keep your network close --> all keys to success.

Mike Evans @m_evans, the founder of @Grubhub and @heyfixer, joined us to discuss the ins and outs of his time building GrubHub β€” from humble beginnings in his Chicago apartment to the IPO 10+ years later. Give it a listen here: https://visible.vc/blog/mike-evans-grubhub/

The optimal number of slides for a pitch deck is 12 slides or less. (source: @VisibleVC)

I usually find the sweet spot to be around 8 or 10. Why?

If you can sell me with the first 3-5 slides, you've already won. The remaining slides simply reinforce/confirm my initial belief.

Investors love good news and can handle bad news, but hate surprises.

Good communication and managing expectations are just as important as running the business well.

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Where is Visible.vc headquarters?

Visible.vc headquarters is located at Chicago, Illinois.

When was Visible.vc founded?

Visible.vc was founded in 2016.

How many employees does Visible.vc have?

Visible.vc has 1-19 employees.

What is Visible.vc's core business?

Visible.vc is Computer Software company.

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