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Zulily was founded on a common spirit of scrappiness, creativity, collaboration, and quirk. From our very beginnings, moms have been the center of our universe. And, our aim has been to deliver the best online shopping experience for them.

With exclusive daily deals, brand names and on-trend styles, and everyday value on a wide selection for all occasions, Zulily is an online superstore for moms that gives them permission to go fun shopping without breaking the bank.

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We love a hack we can eat! 😉 Try these crispy rice egg treats this Easter.

Warmer days are coming 🤩 Get inspired with these tips on creating a backyard oasis. https://link.zulily.com/KXzA1hCN0xb

For all the moms we’ve ever loved — here’s the ultimate shopping destination. Find the perfect gift and save big! https://link.zulily.com/glR1I91S0xb

New deals are sprouting! Check back every day for amazing finds at fabulous prices 🌷 https://link.zulily.com/CUUqV8UtDxb

Don't have the space to start an outdoor garden? Read our complete guide to starting an indoor one. 🌱 https://link.zulily.com/NrKVtKMnDxb

Hop to it! Get deals on everything from kids’ outfits to basket stuffers from our Easter Shop. 🥚🐰 https://link.zulily.com/gQ95CMdNhxb

Staying home with a new baby this Valentine's Day? You can still have a romantic date night. ❤️

On-the-go mom? Save these tips 👟 https://link.zulily.com/k1UPKPvFUwb

Beat cold winter days with this recipe 🍜

Hitting the road this spring break? Save this packing list ✅ https://link.zulily.com/6ruszEZUIwb

Busy mom on-the-go? Save this no-makeup makeup look 💄 https://link.zulily.com/GUdbhzhDvwb

Looking for a quick and easy nursery decoration? Try this craft! 👇 https://link.zulily.com/hrUZj5jduwb

Make those busy school nights easier with a slow cooker 👇 https://link.zulily.com/nUKunZYPlwb

Looking to shop sustainably in the New Year? Check out our beginner guide on making conscious purchases. ♻️ https://link.zulily.com/mOql0zWIlwb

Organization tips for those with kids 👇 https://link.zulily.com/RZ9T0U9bkwb

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Where is Zulily headquarters?

Zulily headquarters is located at Seattle, WA.

When was Zulily founded?

Zulily was founded in 2010.

How many employees does Zulily have?

Zulily has 50+ employees.

What is Zulily's core business?

Zulily is Retail company.

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