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I possess extensive expertise in various domains, including business strategy, financial analysis, market research, and project management. With a solid track record of providing valuable insights and informed solutions, I’m equipped to contribute effectively to projects ranging from market expansion strategies to data-driven decision-making. My background in providing comprehensive and accurate information makes me a reliable partner for your endeavors.


2010 Bachelors @ University of South Florida


10/2020-Current Director of Operations @ Traction Group

In my capacity as the Director of Operations at the Traction Group, I played a pivotal role in orchestrating and optimizing a range of operational functions within the organization. My primary focus was on refining internal processes, elevating overall efficiency, and ensuring seamless cross-departmental collaboration. I led the development and execution of strategies aimed at achieving operational excellence, closely monitoring key performance metrics, and effectively allocating resources. A central aspect of my role was fostering a cohesive team environment, aligning diverse departments towards shared objectives, and leveraging my expertise to identify areas for enhancement and innovation. My operational leadership was instrumental in upholding stringent quality standards, surpassing client expectations, and contributing significantly to the company’s ongoing growth and success.

10/2018-10/2020 Regional Director of Sales and Ops @ Orangetheory Fitness

During my tenure as the Regional Director of Sales and Operations at Orangetheory, I assumed a dual role that was instrumental in driving the success of the organization. I was entrusted with overseeing both sales and operational functions across multiple locations within the region. This encompassed developing and executing sales strategies, leading sales teams, and consistently achieving revenue targets. Additionally, I was responsible for optimizing operational processes, ensuring smooth facility management, and upholding the Orangetheory brand standards. My role also included fostering strong relationships with franchisees, promoting collaboration, and providing guidance to enhance overall performance. Through my leadership, the region experienced robust growth, exceptional customer experiences, and a cohesive alignment of sales and operations to achieve the company’s objectives.

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