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Experienced leader committed to delivering tangible results, skilled in efficient team management and exceptional customer service. Proficient in innovative problem-solving and adept conflict resolution to maintain project progress. Possess strong leadership abilities and a knack for relationship building, promoting collaborative teamwork, open communication, and client confidence. Dedicated to on-time team target achievement while ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction. Eager to make a meaningful impact and add significant value to organizations.

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2004-2008 High School Diploma @ Abilene High School


5/2020 - Current Customer Service Manger @ Sanders Insurance Agency – Allstate

• Implemented a comprehensive retention program, resulting in a 13% increase in customer satisfaction and
retention rates.
• Managed the seamless transition of a new book of business, leading to a 40% increase in cross-sells.
• Streamlined onboarding process for new hires to ensure full integration with company policies, procedures,
and systems.
• Developed an immersive training program that effectively onboarded new employees within two weeks while
guaranteeing adherence to company policies, procedures, and systems.
• Provided one-on-one coaching sessions focused on improving productivity levels by 20%, ensuring accuracy
through quality checks for all job assignments.
• Mentored team members to drive productivity, accuracy, and commitment to providing friendly service.
• Provided support for service staff during high-pressure situations with claim escalations; conducted bi-annual
and annual client renewal reviews.
• Performed quality control on all newly written policies checking for errors or omissions. Achieved compliance
with industry standards; reduced errors by 25%.

6/2016 - 05/2020 Customer Service Manager @ KODA Insurance Group

• Managed end-to-end insurance sales cycle, from initial customer contact to policy issuance, leveraging
persuasive communication skills to address client concerns, provide tailored solutions, and secure policy
• Conducted training sessions for sales and customer service teams, enhancing their product expertise and
equipping them with effective objection-handling techniques, leading to a 10% improvement in conversion
• Implemented cross-selling and upselling strategies within the customer service team, resulting in a 12%
increase in average transaction value and improved overall revenue generation.
• Collaborated with underwriters and claims departments to ensure a seamless customer experience, promptly
resolving complex issues, and demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of insurance processes.
• Skillfully negotiated contracts with new insurance carriers, leveraging comprehensive product expertise to
ensure favorable terms and becoming a trusted authority on offered products.

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