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With 5 years in administrative and customer service rolls, I am passionate about assisting customers in resolving conflict while cultivating a positive experience for the company. I excel in a team and alone, with proven abilities to listen attentively, problem solve, create and maintain high-quality, professional relationships with customers and co-workers alike.


2015-2016 BA- Business Management @ Lakeland Community college


01/01/2023- current Graphic Designer @ Echo Creative Designs LLC

Develop client gratification through open communication regarding wants
and needs for a design, presenting clients with options for their specific
needs, and releasing the finished product once the client has confirmed
their contentedness with the design.

05/2022-03/2023 Customer Care Specialist @ Classic Auto Group

Cultivate customer rapport by tracking a vehicles maintenance history and
contacting customers when they are due for service or if their vehicle is
alerting for maintenance, maintain emails/ texts/ and phone calls from
customers with questions or concerns, advance customers to the proper
team members to ensure they are handled properly, and keep all
information up to date and accurate in the computer system.

06/2020-03/2021 Customer Service Representative @ Grand Rock Co.

Advance customer satisfaction by swiftly and flawlessly inputting a
customersโ€™ orders, providing invoices via email or fax, answering questions
regarding parts or processes, and fostering open communication between
departments to help resolve customer questions or concerns.

03/2019-12/2019 Patient Care Coordinator @ Holly's Hearing Aide Center

Nurture a positive environment by greeting each patient as they walk
through the door, ensuring patients are up to date on needed
documentation and enter that into the computer system, verify insurance
before the scheduled appointment, and foster good relations with nursing
homes by regularly checking on patients and scheduling in home visits with
nursing home staff and patient family members.

05/2018-03/2019 Telephone Operator @ Professional Answering Service

Collaborate with a team of individuals to maintain incoming calls, correctly
document the needs of the customer/client/patient, and sustain positive
rapport with the 100+ companies that hired the Professional Answering
Service by dispatching messages via their specific specifications.

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