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I am a dedicated and results-driven professional with a strong passion for human resources and a firm belief in its transformative power within organizations. With a recent Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, I have honed my skills and knowledge to excel in the field. My academic journey reflects my commitment to continuous learning and growth, and I am eager to apply the insights gained to a remote HR position. I am an adept communicator with a talent for fostering positive relationships, a quality I’ve demonstrated throughout my career, particularly in my role as an Enrollment Specialist where I consistently ensured prospective students felt valued and supported. My ability to effectively manage multiple projects, meet deadlines, and adapt to evolving scenarios, as evidenced in my professional background, equips me with the skills required for success in a remote HR role. I am excited to embark on this journey, leveraging my academic qualifications and practical experience to make a meaningful impact in the realm of remote Human Resources.

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2021-2023 MS in Human Resource Management @ Walden University
2013-2015 BA in Communication Studies @ Chico State Univeristy


2021- current Enrollment Specialist @ Walden University

β€’ Recruit and assist prospective students throughout the duration of the enrollment process; led to increases in overall satisfaction and referrals
β€’ Coordinate interviews with applicants to verify their qualifications for business, psychology, health sciences, or counseling doctoral programs
β€’ Effectively onboard, train, mentor, and lead new hires to ensure their seamless integration onto the team
β€’ Remain in constant contact with cross-functional departments and students to communicate pertinent information, qualifications, and updates
β€’ Utilize Salesforce to handle a high-volume of calls from students / applicants throughout enrollment process

2020-2021 Enrollment Advisor @ Carrington College

β€’ Conducted one-on-one interviews with prospective students to build personal connections and advise them on acceptance and fit into programs offered
β€’ Productively managed strong relationships with prospective students to encourage satisfaction and referrals
β€’ Leveraged networking skills and professional relationships to generate additional leads for the College
β€’ Coordinated, planned, and managed schedules, follow-ups, and marketing materials for student events

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