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Dynamic and results-driven marketing executive with over 2 years of experience in digital marketing. Proven track record of developing and executing successful campaigns that drive brand awareness and customer engagement. Skilled in digital marketing, content creation and social media marketing. Adept at using data-driven insights to inform marketing strategies and measure campaign effectiveness. Committed to staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies to deliver innovative solutions. Seeking a challenging role at a dynamic company where I can utilize my skills and experience to make a positive impact.


September 2022-October 2023 Graduate Certificate in Project Management @ Algonquin College
September 2021-April 2022 Graduate Certificate in Market Research and Analysis @ Algonquin College
June 2014-April 2017 Bachelors in Business Administration @ University of Mumbai


May 2023-August 2023 Learning Coordinator - Intern @ Ontario Real Estate Association

β€’ Spearheaded the development of a standardized data integration and data cleaning process for
historical records across two CRM systems and a Learning Management System, resulting in a 70%
reduction in data errors and inconsistencies, leading to accuracy and integrity.
β€’ Streamlined user data access and retrieval, achieving a 80% increase in data processing efficiency,
allowing teams to access critical information swiftly
β€’ Assisted in the coordination of training programs, courses, and seminars for real estate professionals.
β€’ Conducted rigorous quality assurance of learning assets within the Learning Management System
(Docebo), resulting in the meticulous verification and alignment of precise information across 300+
training modules, enhancing content accuracy and learner experience.
β€’ Methodically rectified and updated critical records of leadership members across 50+ real estate
boards, yielding a concrete outcome of reinforced accuracy that fortified the credibility and
effectiveness of information available for our membership staff.

November 2021-May 2023 Team Member @ Tim Hortons

β€’ Provided exceptional and efficient customer service, ensuring a positive and memorable experience
for all guests.
β€’ Processed customer orders accurately and promptly using the POS system, minimizing waiting times
and maintaining efficiency during busy periods.
β€’ Demonstrated strong communication skills and utilized suggestive selling techniques to promote
additional menu items, contributing to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

March 2021-July 2021 Selling Partner Support Associate @ Amazon India

β€’ Elevated customer satisfaction by adeptly resolving inquiries, resulting in a notable 15% increase in
positive feedback and a 20% reduction in complaint escalations. For instance, successfully addressing
a complex product concern led to a swift resolution, fostering a satisfied and loyal customer base.
β€’ Employed analytical thinking and data-driven insights to ideate actionable solutions, driving
continuous improvements across operational processes. Generated well-received enhancement
suggestions, which were directly responsible for streamlining workflows and optimizing team
β€’ Collaborated closely with diverse departments, including Sales, Marketing, and Product Development,
establishing seamless communication channels that expeditiously resolved Seller’s issues and
inquiries. Effectively handled an average of 30+ cases per week, resulting in a 30% decrease in
resolution time and an overall boost in client retention.

July 2020-December 2020 Research Associate - Intern @ ISchoolConnect Technologies

β€’ Undertook thorough research on international universities and skillfully curated pertinent data,
showcasing a keen attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the global education
β€’ Executed rigorous quality assessments to validate the accuracy and reliability of data, culminating in
a refined database that served as a trusted resource for stakeholders, ultimately bolstering decisionmaking processes.
β€’ Assisted in the identification of process enhancement possibilities, resulting in the implementation of
streamlined workflows and optimized data management strategies contributing to a 25% reduction in
data processing time and a 15% improvement in overall efficiency.

November 2017-May 2019 Digital Marketing Executive @ Social Tangle Media. Think Digital, Think SocialTangle!

Content Creation and SEO Optimization: Authored a minimum of 10 high-quality articles per day,
adhering to SEO standards, resulting in increased website traffic by 30% and improved search engine
β€’ Coordinated Marketing Campaigns: Undertook and skillfully coordinated various marketing duties,
including email marketing campaigns, and product launches, achieving a 15% rise in overall
campaign performance.
β€’ Administrative Coordination: Efficiently managed administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings,
coordinating events, and handling marketing documentation, resulting in improved organizational
β€’ Market Research: Conducted comprehensive market research to identify new trends, competitors,
and opportunities, aiding in the development of targeted marketing strategies and driving business
β€’ Client Engagement and Business Understanding: Proactively engaged with clients to understand their
business requirements and preferences, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and a 10%
increase in client retention.

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