How to Have a Great Day at Work

A great workday is not rocket science, but the result of habits and behaviours, which when practised consistently can bring positive changes in your work and yourself.

5 Mar 2022
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Ever wondered how some people seem to perennially have a smile on their faces, their work gets done effortlessly, and you don’t ever find them ranting about how difficult their job is? They seem to be the really lucky types, don’t they? Or possessors of some magic formula that has eluded you so far.

Well, a great workday is not rocket science, but the result of habits and behaviours, which when practised consistently can bring positive changes in your work and yourself. You too can leave behind the monotonous feeling of merely ‘getting through the day’ and actually enjoy your hours at work.

1. Efficiency is the fuel you need

It all starts with getting your work under control. You should not procrastinate on work that requires your attention or one doesn’t interest you, nor should you let a single task eat away into your overall schedule. It’s about planning, and it’s about smart execution.

You would have won half the battle if you stay on top of your work at all times. If workload seems never ending, make sure you sketch out daily goals. Keep these in focus throughout the day and allot a time frame for each task.

2. Keeping a positive outlook

When you condition yourself to think positively, and approach problematic issues with an open mind, situations that previously irked you will gradually no longer have that effect on you.

Instead of worrying about long commuting hours and traffic, you could be catching up listening to news, or reading up, if you have the privilege of being driven to work. The point is that you can spend your time getting worked up, letting anger and frustration control your mind, or you can shift focus to where it belongs – your job. When your work becomes the central objective of your day, you WILL find ways to quieten other noise.

3. Small actions have big impact

Amid the stresses of tight deadlines, demanding bosses and office politics, some initiatives can really brighten your day at work. Keep the workspace where you spend more than two-thirds of waking hours clutter-free. Go ahead and decorate it, to make it more welcoming, smile and start your day with a pleasant ‘hello’ to colleagues when you walk in every day, don’t stay glued to your desk for hours in the name of productivity – take adequate breaks, don’t skip lunch hour, and see how good these steps make you feel.

4. Taking stock before you call it a day

Did you accomplish all that you set out to do? Maybe there were urgent task that came your way, and the goals of the day got modified. Was a project successfully completed? Did you celebrate with your team?

Reflect on how the day fared, as it is a chance for you to feel good about how much you accomplished. It will also make you aware of actions that will enable you to do things better next time. Make it a daily ritual and soon you’ll find yourself armed with confidence and satisfaction over a day’s work well done. Remember, it’s not only about earning your paycheque at the end of the month. Invest in wholesome growth for yourself while at work, and see the difference you can make for those you work for.

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