Stay Active in Your Home Office

Get your blood pumping right at your desk (or kitchen table).

7 Jan 2021
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Need some help staying in shape while working at home? The Wakeout provides hundreds of exercises you can do anywhere, whether at your desk in the middle of your workday—or while you’re watching TV at the end of it.

Wakeout’s intent isn’t to replace your workout app, says cofounder (and chief exercise designer) Pedro Wunderlich. “We’re trying to be a companion, a way to cure sitting too long. We want you to interrupt the sedentary lifestyle, get the blood going, refresh your brain with a bit of oxygen and oxytocin and all that cool stuff.”Need some help staying in shape while working at home? Here are a few exercises you can do to get started.

1. Power punches

Target: Arms
Looks like: You’re really mad at the sky
Goal: After sitting for long stretches of time, your arms can experience reduced blood flow. This exercise is designed to improve circulation not only to your arms but to your shoulders and back as well.

2. Upside-down workout

Target: Cardio
Looks like: Middle school gym class
Goal: This one will work your arms and legs, but is largely about getting your blood pumping.

3. Backwards finger stretch

Target: Hands
Looks like: You’re limbering up to type a term paper
Goal: Too much clicking, typing, and tapping swells the nerves in the wrist, causing pain and numbness. Take a break to stretch and move your wrists around to help keep these ailments at bay.

4. Rousing neck tilts

Target: Neck, head, and shoulders
Looks like: You’re about to start meditating
Goal: Relieve the stress that can accumulate in your neck and shoulders when you’re sitting (or any other time at all).

5. Chair squats

Target: Legs
Looks like: You’re moving around the furniture
Goal: This routine gets oxygen pumping toward your legs and activates your entire circulatory and respiratory systems, making you feel more alert.

See the entire article on the Wakeout app on the Apple website.

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