Career Possibilities in 2025

Automation, digital technology, and artificial intelligence are changing the labor landscape in a big way.

15 May 2021
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Given the direction of technology and the continuing integration of the Internet with new management of information, it’s not surprising that many of the predictions of careers in the near future will be highly connected to those same tools. However, the general maintenance and stability of computers as well as mundane processing of information will likely no longer be handled by people anymore.Β Instead, much of the daily paper-pushing will instead be handled by computers and robots.

People, in the meantime, will likely be in independent careers, not working for any particular employer. Instead freelancing and contracting will be the norm for earning an income, with those who understand technology and information management scoring the best careers. The above said, the medical field will still remain a holdout for skilled labor and a strong employer for new frontier work in organ generation and genetic manipulation.

Future Career Possibilities

Scientific work in body part generation will create a huge demand for scientists and trained assistants who understand the science behind the production. The market will also require doctors and nurses who understand how to work with the new products and their surgical installation into people.

On the genetic side, the use of drugs will continue to be grown in terms of medical treatment for most ailments. However, these chemicals will become far more targeted based on genetic mapping. Workers who understand how to identify, collect, utilize and interpret genetic data will find lucrative careers in genome prescription work.

The farming business won’t be going away anytime soon. However, there will very likely be a growing combination of genetic modification of food both in terms of seed and cattle production. As a result, farmers will become far more scientific in their approach of producing and raising mass food product. There will be plenty of related work in terms of managing product, testing, monitoring, and marketing the related products.

Data mining of huge data bases will be a common-place business. However, much of the talent will be focused on custom-creating reports and data results that can’t be produced from basic programs and code. Experts who can dig into legacy systems and pull out new forms of data-crunching will be in high demand for companies needing new slices of their stored information. Additionally, new information products will be regularly created by such experts for selling and re-selling.

Any kind of consumer repair work will likely be managed by remote distance service as most appliances by 2025 will be entirely electronic. While there may still be some instances where hands-on repair work may be needed, most homes can be managed via Internet connections with the services that have designed and manufactured the home appliances. This means the majority of work associated with home repair will require more technical assistance via computer manipulation than physical tool repair. Those versed in computer programming will find careers in manipulating such systems. Anything that actually needs physical repair will likely just be replaced with a new unit.

Personal information management will become a value-added service for those who need information to be managed for them in a customized manner. Because this kind of product actually requires a person to proactively manage the product, there will be a demand for people who can essentially work as Internet personal assistants for specific customers.

Jobs That Will Disappear

The careers that will likely be in jeopardy will include jobs that provide predictable work and services. For example, any kind of service that involves driving, such as trucking or taxis, will likely disappear with computer-guided vehicles taking over. Existing information manipulators such as lenders, stock brokers, bankers, and administrative positions will likely see their jobs eliminated completely by automation and technology. Even criminal containment may end up being unmanned. The ability to monitor penalized people with GPS bracelets will morph in fifteen years to forced body implants, keeping convicts and prisoners always monitored and controlled.


Because the continuing marriage of technology and information will progress further in the future, the most likely careers are going to be in related fields. The above descriptions are just some of the possibilities that could occur. While there will always be a few careers available with traditional paths, those jobs will be few and far between. Additionally, traditional professional jobs such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers will continue, but even they will integrate further with technology as well. Those who are at the forefront of these tools in terms of skill will be the most likely to be successful among their peers.

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