How to Stay Motivated During a Career Search

As you face difficulty in your career search, there are a few tips you can follow to stay motivated.

28 Oct 2021
Barbara Best
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I have met with hundreds of individuals who have the dream of finding employment to pay for their bills, yet they are unable to find employment. In today’s economy, it is difficult for even the most talented people to find careers that provide the salary they require and will be fulfilling careers in the long run.

As you face difficulty in your career search, there are a few tips you can follow to stay motivated. First, you can stay motivated by working with a career coach who can provide you with expert advice. A career coach can be someone who helps you outline a specific plan of action for achieving your career goal. This plan may include attending certain networking events in your community, submitting paper applications instead of online applications and actively marketing yourself in the community.

You may also receive motivation and expert advice on the career search by reading uplifting literature. Uplifting books can help you regain a sense of your life purpose and can inspire you to move forward in your job search. Look for books that provide prosperity affirmations and confidence affirmations that will help you build success for the future. Career management resources are also available with information on how to stay positive during the job search. Other career management books can provide you with in-depth information on how to interview well with your dream company or even start your own company.

A major part of furthering not only your career but your life is being social, and I don’t mean Facebook. Joining like-minded or other individuals that share your same career aspirations might be a good resource as well, even if it is over a cocktail. Everyone says “it’s a small world” but you can really see how small it is when you’re job networking.

Treating yourself to a new wardrobe of professional clothing is another way to stay motivated during the career search. Purchasing new, professional clothing may give you the confidence that you need to articulate your strengths during interviews with recruiters. Recruiters also want to see that you are able to present yourself well in front of clients, and a new wardrobe can help you convince recruiters that you will be able to do this part of the job.

When you need to stay motivated during your career management plan, take some time to review your past actions and think about what you can do better in the future.

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