4 Reasons to Stick to Your Job Search This Summer

Should you put your hunt for a new position on hold until the fall rolls around?

3 Aug 2021
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The days are getting hotter and it’s getting easier than ever to enter a vacation-like frame of mind. However, if you’re currently looking for a job, you shouldn’t consider summer as a time to take a break from your search, but as a time to heat up your efforts.

Most people take a break from their job search during the summer, or at least slow down their efforts, but those who stay on the ball are more likely to have a job offer once summer is over.

Here are four good reasons to keep looking for work this summer:

1. There is less competition.

You’re not the only one with summer on the brain, which means a lot of people will let up on their job search for the next few months. That means there are fewer people applying for the same jobs that you are, giving you a better chance at getting called in for an interview or even getting hired.

2. You’ll be more productive.

If you really want to go to that pool party or go on that weekend vacation, but know you have to get your job searching out of the way first, you’ll end up being more productive because you have something motivating you. Unlike in the winter, when you might think you have all the time in the world to get your job searching done, you’ll have a reason to get it out of the way.

3. You’ll be prepared for the upcoming hiring splurge.

Every fall, tons of businesses hire a slew of new employees in order to start preparing for the year ahead, and if you’ve already sent in your resume and gotten your foot in the door, you’ll have a leg up on everyone else who waits until summer is over to start applying to positions.

4. There are tons of networking opportunities.

Everyone is out and about during the summer months – people are throwing parties, setting up group vacations, and going on day outings – all of which are great places to network with friends and family. Every time you attend a party or other event, try to casually mention that you’re looking for a job and see if anyone is willing to help you out – you might be surprised at the responses you get!

So keep your eye on the prize this summer – don’t give up and always have your job search in mind when you do attend events or do something summer-y. By keeping these things in mind you should be able to stay ahead of the game and get yourself a job in no time.

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