What Not to Say in an Interview

Ever caught at a loss of words in an interview? It is a common phenomenon to weigh each question asked by a recruiter before answering.

25 Nov 2021
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Ever caught at a loss for words in an interview? It is a common phenomenon to weigh each question asked by the recruiter, before hurrying to answer with anything that comes to your mind. Speak to make an impression, say things that reflect your personality and project yourself as an intelligent professional.

Never ask about your salary at the first meeting

It is always best to wait for the interviewer to mention it. Normally, there are couple of rounds and it is only in the last round i.e. – the HR round, when salary is talked about. Conduct a research on the salaries in the same functional area and in the same city, so as to get an idea before quoting a figure.

Every interviewer gives a chance to ask questions

Do your homework well. Have a set of questions ready based of the research you may have done before the interview. Study the performance and background of the company. Initiatives taken for anything constructive will always get appreciated.

Look professional and be professional

Use proper grammar and sentences and make statements to the point. Be easy with your vocabulary and articulate well. Using slangs is a strict no no. Act like a smart individual, to be taken seriously.

Do not mention about vacations, promotions, bonuses or other benefits

Wait to be asked these questions in the second round. Talk about your skills at length and how you can contribute to the company.

Neither practice nor say anything discriminating

At all cost, avoid making any remark on opposite gender, sexual orientations, nationalities, ethnicities, race, handicaps and religions in any condescending language.

Being professional also means not condemning your former employer

Give a crisp reason for quitting the former company and reasons for looking out without being much elaborative.

Be ready to answer the patent question – “Why should I hire you?”

Do not try to paint a flowery answer, but say how you can be useful for the company. Talk about the good experience and knowledge you will bring to the company.

When asked to mention any weaknesses, mention something positive instead of saying that you are devoid of any weakness

For example, eye for detail which is time consuming, can be referred to as a weakness.

Bring a streak of humour in your conversation

But do not overdo it. Show that you are a responsible person who enjoys the fun side of life too.

When asked to say something about yourself, do not lead the conversation to your life saga. Instead, make a summary of your qualifications, work history and skills and present it interestingly and chronologically to the interviewer. Show enthusiasm in the job and prepare well in advance for it.

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