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Logitech is a world leader in products that connect people in a natural, intuitive way to the digital experiences they care about. We develop our products with a powerful blend of artistic design, surprising science, and innovation driven by consumer insight.

Under a number of different brands, the company offers PC peripherals; cases and keyboards for tablets; equipment for gamers; mobile speakers and earphones for music and sports enthusiasts; devices to make video collaboration simple in the workplace; and entertainment and control products for the home.

Join our mission to help the world create, achieve and enjoy more!

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This #AAPIMonth, we stand in solidarity & reaffirm our allyship with the #AAPI community.

Together with our creators, today we celebrate their leadership, advancement, & self expression. Thanks for your fearless contributions to the betterment of our world. #AAPITogether

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. As creators, we all know the feeling of burn out, creative fatigue, and feeling just flat out tired. Here are 5 Creator Tips to keep in mind this month to stay positive, refreshed and continue being the best version of YOU.

[email protected]'s Hopecam helps #connect children fighting cancer with their friends, classrooms & support systems while undergoing treatment. Each child receives a tablet & internet access to provide them with essential face-to-face contact. Learn more here: https://bridgeforinnovation.org/logitechs-hopecam-partnership/

First up: @NajohT in conversation with @notnotphoebe. 💬

Q: How did @Logitech, which sells computer peripherals and software, choose @LilNasX as the star of its first Super Bowl commercial?

A: "We thought he represented an amazing success story of a creator."

To the moms whose unconditional support has helped us to become who we are today, this one’s for you.

Thank you for being our greatest supporters from the very start. Happy #MothersDay!

In celebration of AAPI, we are elevating the voices of our creators and Logitech G team. Join us for a special #CreatorSpotlight series this month and show your support for @StopAAPIHate!

📺 http://twitch.tv/logitechg

The 80’s completely changed the world of video games.

Which classic 80’s video game stands out as your favorite?

A workday at Warp Speed? Count us in. 🌠

While we’re wishing our workspace was actually just *space* this #MayTheFourth, help us answer a quick #StarWarsDay question in the comments: light side or dark side?

With our 9th straight year of growth, our focus remains long term.

We’re riding secular growth trends in hybrid work, video collaboration, esports, & content creation. We’ll continue to deliver against those with agility, operational excellence, and an innovative portfolio.

I gotta surprise this little kid with some free headphones

I love my job ❤️ https://twitter.com/ASTROTR/status/1521175269196939265

[email protected]ll, CEO @Logitech and 2022 Edison Achievement Award Honoree, is the ultimate example of a leader that brings innovation into focus. Thank you for being a part of the Edison Awards. #EA2022 #EdisonAwards #innovation #design #sustainability https://youtu.be/Skq2uoH-Yh8

Happy G502 Day!

Today, we’re celebrating the iconic mouse and all its glory.

G502 family, how long have you been maining the beast? #G502Day

🚨 The #SongBreakerAwards are LIVE. 🚨

@logitechc ’s 2nd annual show has already begun.

Come hang out with host @bretmanrock on @Roblox, and don’t miss a *SPECIAL* performance by @lizzo beginning soon! https://logi.link/pyrbgr

Those last few Friday tasks can wait ‘til Monday, right? The chip aisle is calling @ElsaAngel19's name.

DORN comes from the Irish word for boxing - dornálaíocht. DORN is a future concept based around enhancing the three primary boxing footwork motions through form and technology. Created in @flyingshapescom with @Logitech VR Ink stylus by @CormacOConaire

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Where is Logitech headquarters?

Logitech headquarters is located at Newark, California.

When was Logitech founded?

Logitech was founded in 1981.

How many employees does Logitech have?

Logitech has 50+ employees.

What is Logitech's core business?

Logitech is Consumer Electronics company.

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